Looking forward to seeing many of you at this Historic new event for Lake Havasu City.Please if any of you have any questions do not hesitate to ask, all information for the event should be on the web site and pre-registration will become available soon. No worries you can register at the event, we look forward to seeing you all.

Hi all,

Due to the overwhelming response, the HAVASU STREET DRAGS have been rescheduled to March 1, 2nd and 3rd 2013. Keep watch for some exciting PRE- EVENTS.


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Hi, I’m almost afraid to make a comment since my middle name is “foot in mouth”… but Al, I wanted to point out, though your wanting to make sure everyone who had a significant part in this feels recognized is kind, I think that is being done although perhaps in ways you don’t find as satisfying as you’d like!first, that many of the many many people who did a lot to help in the finding of Timber posted in here when Sue first put out the news so they probably know by reading in here how much everyone appreciates what they did.second, that most of the people who helped or offered to help (and there were more than those mentioned in the articles) probably aren’t seeking and/or don’t want to be sought out for appreciation.third, by posting appreciation in here, they’ll get the word. No doubt they are also getting feedback from those around them who know what they did.fourth, the offers of help to Rusty I think come from people’s goodness in wanting to help a vet who is living a rough life.fifth, if it hadn’t been for Sue forming a friendship with Rusty, exchanging phone numbers — Timber and he would still be separated. I am so grateful to be reminded of this – I am a somewhat grumpy, introverted, 60 something woman about to go on the road (I hope) – this is a wonderful lesson about being open to each other. And reading this on Sue’s blog gives such hope in humankind – it is so warming to see how people reach out to help others (I spend too much time on facebook, where people reach out to attack each other).Maybe our way of thanking those involved would best be served by passing this lesson forward and be open and warm to those we meet.

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it ALL.I was already a Sue follower prior to this post about Timber being lost. And prayed immediately that a happy ending be the result. Thanks to all envolved and most of all to God for allowing things to fall into place… everything at the right time, right place , ya know? what I mean…I am gonna send Rusty and Timber a lil gift soon as my check comes in But I also have another idea, as well.To the gentleman (out of work) that found , and took care of Timber… not to mention being willing to acknowledge that it was Timber and make it possible for the two friends to be reunited… I would love to be able to send him and his family a small ‘love gift’ … so wonder if you could find out for us and post his mailing address.Thanks,XOXOXO GOD BLESS one and ALL

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Wow, what a small and wonderful world! I woke up this morning and was reading USA today on my phone, in the article I thought, “Hey, that lady the guy met sounds like RV Sue…I know her! (ok…well just kinda, sorta in an internet blog way). And, the yes, it was you. We had started following your blog in June or July because we had just quit our jobs, bought an RV and headed west. And, we are dog lovers too, traveling and living with three (two labs and a corgi). How cosmically amazing things fall into place. Thank you for your part, and all the others involved in bringing these two back together. All the best to you and your crew from our crew.~Amy(Amy & Rick and crew, Molly, Tess & Coaster. Formerly from the midwest but now happily living in our 1984 Holiday Rambler Imperial 5th wheel in Northern California)

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Wow, what a small and wonderful world! I woke up this morning and was reading USA today on my phone, in the article I thought, “Hey, that lady the guy met sounds like RV Sue…I know her! (ok…well just kinda, sorta in an internet blog way). And, the yes, it was you. We had started following your blog in June or July because we had just quit our jobs, bought an RV and headed west. And, we are dog lovers too, traveling and living with three (two labs and a corgi). How cosmically amazing things fall into place. Thank you for your part, and all the others involved in bringing these two back together. All the best to you and your crew from our crew.~Amy(Amy & Rick and crew, Molly, Tess & Coaster. Formerly from the midwest but now happily living in our 1984 Holiday Rambler Imperial 5th wheel in Northern California)

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Wow, what a small and wonderful world! I woke up this morning and was reading USA today on my phone, in the article I thought, “Hey, that lady the guy met sounds like RV Sue…I know her! (ok…well just kinda, sorta in an internet blog way). And, the yes, it was you. We had started following your blog in June or July because we had just quit our jobs, bought an RV and headed west. And, we are dog lovers too, traveling and living with three (two labs and a corgi). How cosmically amazing things fall into place. Thank you for your part, and all the others involved in bringing these two back together. All the best to you and your crew from our crew.~Amy(Amy & Rick and crew, Molly, Tess & Coaster. Formerly from the midwest but now happily living in our 1984 Holiday Rambler Imperial 5th wheel in Northern California)

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Hi Sue! So happy to see the story about Rusty and Timber! You are a celebrity! I just put the article on my facebook wall telling the story of our meeting in Quartzsite and our bond is that you shared your first deep fried twinkie with my husband. My cousin in New York already shared the story with all her friends in New York. The internet is amazing!Hope that you find some nice, sunny beach weather. The Pacific Ocean up in Oregon does not look like the Pacific Ocean down here south of Los Angeles. Oregon weather can get very depressing. You need to come farther south to beautiful Southern California sunshine. It’s crowded here but there’s a reason why. It’s all about the weather!

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Hi Sue! So happy to see the story about Rusty and Timber! You are a celebrity! I just put the article on my facebook wall telling the story of our meeting in Quartzsite and our bond is that you shared your first deep fried twinkie with my husband. My cousin in New York already shared the story with all her friends in New York. The internet is amazing!Hope that you find some nice, sunny beach weather. The Pacific Ocean up in Oregon does not look like the Pacific Ocean down here south of Los Angeles. Oregon weather can get very depressing. You need to come farther south to beautiful Southern California sunshine. It’s crowded here but there’s a reason why. It’s all about the weather!

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Sue,My sister lives in PHX…she too had tears when she read the article and watched the video. I had her go out and get a copy of the Arizona Republic. Front page and a whole second page inside. I will gladly send it on to you for your keepsake. I know I’ll have to wait until you get settled down in AZ for the winter. I know you’ve both have “downsized” when it comes to possessions but you’ll find room for this piece.You might want to call Rusty and have him get one for himself…being that he’s such a celebrity now.The video is sweet, certainly heartfelt and adds character to the story. The pollen level up here in the Adirondacks is horrible today!

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Sue,My sister lives in PHX…she too had tears when she read the article and watched the video. I had her go out and get a copy of the Arizona Republic. Front page and a whole second page inside. I will gladly send it on to you for your keepsake. I know I’ll have to wait until you get settled down in AZ for the winter. I know you’ve both have “downsized” when it comes to possessions but you’ll find room for this piece.You might want to call Rusty and have him get one for himself…being that he’s such a celebrity now.The video is sweet, certainly heartfelt and adds character to the story. The pollen level up here in the Adirondacks is horrible today!

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