Hi !My name is Ellie, I go to Spratton C of E Primary School, I live in Creaton with my brother and my mum and dad. I have a dog caelld Lolly and a cat caelld Puss. I am 9 years old and my birthday is on the 13th of November. My hobbies are football, arts and craft and bike riding.I go to lots of clubs in school, I go to mathletics, gardening, art and textiles . I go to some out of school as well like cubs, pilots and football.My favouite food is spaghetti bolognise, but when I go on holiday to Norfolk I love fish and chips because it is near the sea so the fish is realy nice!My best friends are Issie, Ruby, Ayesha, Dilon and Ella From Ellie!

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Are you kidding me? How more wonderfully artistic can you get! This is the best family blog I have ever seen! Of course it is the only one I have seen- which doesn’t say much. My talents for the computer are NONE! Once again you have outdone yourself. I’m sure you put this together in less then 10 minutes. If it was me I would still be trying to figure out how to load the pictures. WHATEVER! You are awesome. Good job girlfriend.

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This is his whole session. You can view it & leave a comment! The more comments, the bigger the picture I will have of Zach in my hallway. Who knows, maybe when people drive by they will be able to see it through the picture window – lol. Enjoy! I will be ordering soon, so let me know your favs so I can get the right copies

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(Kindle Edition) I am strongly adverse to any novel that has the male throw the female over his shoulder to carry her out of a public place… this book was just okay. I am a big fan of the author, but I’d have to say the second book in this series is much better! The concept of the story was interesting, but the main characters were a bit wishy-washy.

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(Kindle Edition) There really wasn’t enough of this book to really get into what was happening. I didn’t care about any of the characters, and the plot was mediocre at best. If this is the best Ms. Banks has to offer, I’m not wasting my time with another one of her books.

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