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Davis Wong 說:Folks:Re Order No. RNC110630087179.日前 June 28, 11 在Fortress ( Ap Lei Chau Branch ),買了42LW4500 3D FHD LD,附送WALL MOUNT.( Have not receive wall mount up to date )至今一個月還未送貨,曾致電貴公司無人知何時有,不知道向何部門跟進.(真奇妙)現希望貴公司即時跟進.If you have any queries, please contact me at 91764056.Best RegardsWong

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“…the more you become aware of the things you don’t know”… does it follow that “…the more you tend to being agnostic”? ; )I agree though, I too respect those that don’t claim to know it all. I think its not just that arrogance is off putting but that we only learn by either our mistakes or exploring gaps in our knowledge – those that claim to have it all sussed are not exactly on a pathway to wisdom. I tell the kids I teach that if their book is all ticks they wont be getting a good grade because they aren’t learning – if they are finding it too easy they have to tell me and we need to get them at a point where there are some crosses. It takes a bit of a change in mindset because they are convinced the goal is a pretty eexercise book showing that they know everything.Hope the Anzac ceremony went well, Jack

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“…the more you become aware of the things you don’t know”… does it follow that “…the more you tend to being agnostic”? ; )I agree though, I too respect those that don’t claim to know it all. I think its not just that arrogance is off putting but that we only learn by either our mistakes or exploring gaps in our knowledge – those that claim to have it all sussed are not exactly on a pathway to wisdom. I tell the kids I teach that if their book is all ticks they wont be getting a good grade because they aren’t learning – if they are finding it too easy they have to tell me and we need to get them at a point where there are some crosses. It takes a bit of a change in mindset because they are convinced the goal is a pretty eexercise book showing that they know everything.Hope the Anzac ceremony went well, Jack

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Is this the real reason why people create a false self? Read my understanding of it and tell me if I am right? I think that the false self is created by people who feel inadequate to society and want to fit in. The false self allows them to feel part of the social mix when it comes to relationships, attractiveness, work, etc. However, as we know, the truth will always catch up with us and we will have to face our own reality one day eventually…. so in truth, the false self may cause temporary comfort but in the long run, it is no good for us at all.I believe that this is true and this in one way is the reason why we create a false self. But I believe it goes far deeper than this…. The Real Reason behind the false self is our Feelings.We all experience pain at times leading to feelings of inadequacy. When we experience a lot of pain consistently, it can build up big time. This is where a very important decision arises – Do we face the pain that is building up, no matter how hard it may be? Or do we ignore it and hope for a better day? I feel that the false self is created by ones who ‘ignore it and hope for a better day’For example – A kid gets laughed at in school about his stupid ways and his looks. He gets called goofy, ugly, stupid looking, awkward etc. He decides to ignore all the jibes, believing deep inside that he will be the one that will have the last laugh. He feels that one day he will be the best looking guy in the school and that they will be the ones jealous of him one day. Because of this, a false self emerges, in which he becomes obsesses with self improvement and pleasing others. He maintains this act through his high school years, FEARING that he will become 100 % inadequate if he doesn’t stop trying hard all the time to please others and find ways of self improving. He doesn’t vent any ANGER at the name callers, as he believes he will have the last laugh. After a few years, this guy doesn’t even know who he truly is due to his false self and is left in a bundle of confusion. Despite actually being a good looking, smart guy, he has not made any progress in any area of his life, due to constantly caring about others people feelings than his own. Eventually this boy goes on a journey of discovery and faces some harsh realities. He may not become the Brad pitt lookalike whom he always wished he could be etc… but it’s for the better, he has realised his truth and is now able to start working on his own, aware of his potential development. After a few months, he has realised his true feelings and true self, and has found what he wanted in life.CONCLUSION – The false self is created by us not dealing with our feelings properly. We have to face upto our true feelings, no matter how ugly and harsh they may be. If we ignore these feelings,we effectively ignore our true self….. and the false self is slowly created

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What’s the use of self-development if you can’t turn back the time? Once you were a stupid, coward, idiot fool. Ok fine, that’s where you learn from mistakes. However, good things never take instant process and by the time you had just get to be someone impressive, you’re not in the circle of people that had been knowing you as ‘the idiot’ anymore. All that’s left is just present and future to be lived. “Idiot” will always be remembered as an “idiot” in their mind.I do understand the importance of self-development. Yeah, better once idiot, now smarter than living whole life as an idiot who will grow worst. But, this has somewhat became almost everybody’s main life purpose while no matter how better we get through the times, we are:still not the #1 in this world. can’t make life perfect can’t transfer the good developed attitude into the bad self in the past can’t turn back time getting further from the past leaving the present growing older heading nearer to death.So, do we live just for the sake of improvement?

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