That Bleach Blond interviewer atclaluy misrepresented the law in asking about Gov't Forms it is against the law to require a SS# from any one for anything.You are born free and at 18 it is your duty to emancipate yourself from the Corporation called US Government namely USA therefore Claiming your Sovereign Citizenship as a King or Queen = to Any other Sovereign on earth. research your Sovereignty, or cry for your limitations either way the choice is yours.

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Michelle, how important to remember that even though we go through hormonal changes, God doesn't change. What he asks from us doesn't change just because we are pregnant, or going through a hormonal change. I agree with you we need to constantly remind ourselves of our condition.Christina, yes, yes, yes! How far we are from loving our husband unconditionally. It is so easy to ask them to love us in a certain way. We are so selfish and ask for more live, more attention, more than we are willing to give at times.Persis, I so appreciate what you shared here. I just can't but bow my head and say thank you fo teaching us to trust God's goodness and Sovereignty no matter where his hand leads us.Diane, you are right. I have also thought about this and how this principle applies not only to our marriage but to all the relationships we have. If God puts a person close to us who is like iron sharpening us, we must stop fighting and getting resented, but see instead a God given opportunity to grow in grace, to mortify the sin in us.Elizabeth, you are right, we must also remind ourselves that marriage is God's glorious idea; may God help us not to build on sand and not to live destroying his significance by our sinful and selfish attitudes.

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Yes, Becky, once we agree that marriage is God's idea and not simply an earthly relationship meant to soothe and meet all our needs, we can get on with the business of allowing God to mold us and shape us, conforming us to His image--through the hardships, differences, and circumstances we will inevitably go through as a couple:) It can only work through submission, as you say. Otherwise, it ends up being built on the sand of each man (and woman) for himself, doing what is right in their own eyes. And that is not a marriage--it is even less than a business agreement, it destroys the meaning of marriage completely. His intention was for marriage to something much greater, much deeper, much sweeter, and far more glorious (Ephesians 5).Love,-E

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