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I have had a wonderful week of good news! My first grandchild, a healthy sweet little girl, was born last Tuesday. She and her Mother (my oldest daughter) are home and doing well, and I am going over to see them as soon as I’m done writing here!My husband went to confession for the first time in 42 years! Since I was being brought into the Church, and he was my sponsor, he needed to go. But he knew he really needed to go for himself and was in tears afterwards, he was so happy he did it. I was received into the Church during the Easter Vigil. Earlier in the day I made my First Confession, which was very difficult for me. I’d had some lost years behind me. The Father who listened to me couldn’t have been kinder or more comforting. After listening to my rather long list of sins, he seemed to know exactly what was hurting me the most, and he focused on that. When he told me I was talking not only to a priest but but to Christ through him, receiving Gods love and mercy, I was overwhelmed with gratitude and love. I received a very clear and beautiful absolution, then went to the communion rail to pray. The entire experience was beyond any description I could continue to write. And it continued in the evening with the Vigil. When I returned to the pew after Communion, I looked at Jesus on the Crucifix a long time, talked with Him and knew I was starting a new life. I will try so hard to be worthy of Him and all He has given us. So, we are grateful in our family for many things this week. We had two births, my little granddaughter’s and my own.

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Some very good news indeed! I have been asked to perform a heretofore unknown piano work by Mozart at the opening of a special exhibition on Music here in the Tirol. Some good friends of ours are the proprietors of a wonderful antique shop in a nearby village. Some months ago, they purchased a collection of scores from the estate of a local music teacher. They sent the collection to a Musicologist in Innsbruck for study and something caught her eye; a bound collection of handwritten scores. One of these had the name Giovane Wolfgango Mozart written at the top. Now, it is known that the only person who called Mozart by this name was Wolfgang’s Father, Leopold. The date of the work suggests that it was composed by Mozart when he was 10 or 11 years old. The Musicologist from Innsbruck sent copies of the work off to her colleagues in Salzburg and Vienna. These scholars confirmed that the short work for piano, an Allegro Molto, appears to indeed be composed by Mozart and has, to date, not appeared in any of the catalogues of the composer’s collected works. The score was not in Mozart’s hand; it had been apparently copied directly from the original score back in 1780 (that is, during Mozart’s lifetime) and somehow came into the possession of the music teacher here in the Tirol.

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