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Thanks everyone for your comments and questions.Peter, I agree, the market is performing in a way that it hasn’t done for a long time. I believe that most are comfortable when the general market is moving one way or the other – not sideways however. The coloured ribbon is based on a long term moving average, with the bullish and bearish sections using two interpretations of that moving average. The neutral section is when neither the bullish or bearish trend are in existence. David, thank you for your kind words. I really enjoyed doing the interview. Mark said to me afterwards that he got carried away a little at times and kept talking and talking. I told him that I don’t think many would have minded that. He is an affable man.Alex, thank you also for your kind words. I am happy to hear you are taking some confidence to take some action in the market. That is quite odd about Acrux if that is the case. Without checking into it, I am supremely confident in the accuracy of my data. Of course, the authority on the price is the ASX – perhaps it might be worth checking with them.Thanks again everyone.Regards,Stuart

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Hi Stuart,First of all – great website, I am a student of Trading in a Nutshell and I think that the market update videos complement your theory extremely well. They have also given me a certain amount of confidence to execute on some of the opportunities you identify – so keep up the great work, it is certainly appreciated.I have been following Acrux limited (ACR) after you included it a couple of weeks ago in your market update. However I noticed that the chart pattern is not the same on the Commsec website as your Metastock chart. So I investigated a few other sites and I seem to be getting two different stories for the same stock. Do you know why this might be – the only thing I could think of was that ACR had a stock split or something and not all the market data is up to date on some sites.Best regards,Alex

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I removed it manually, but mine didn’t drop a rootkit. Kaspersky found it, but it wouldn’t quarantine it (odd) but it helped me find it because it displayed the folder it was in (same as rogueamp’s) and deleted it.. I found the way around this .exe problem. Right-click and click Run as admin. Then, I went to BleepingComputer and downloaded a file named FixNCR.reg. That fixed it. Then I ran MBAM and removed any remains and it found 3.

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I removed it manually, but mine didn’t drop a rootkit. Kaspersky found it, but it wouldn’t quarantine it (odd) but it helped me find it because it displayed the folder it was in (same as rogueamp’s) and deleted it.. I found the way around this .exe problem. Right-click and click Run as admin. Then, I went to BleepingComputer and downloaded a file named FixNCR.reg. That fixed it. Then I ran MBAM and removed any remains and it found 3.

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