The Nazi's were smarter on who they kept track of. I crlael them tattooing their numbers on their prisoners. We live in a society, it is called that because humans have to depend on each other to live. I would love to see these morons try to live alone away from society.Be warned without a license myself if they took that away I would try to drive. I am blind, and on medication, so yeah let me drive! LOL

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You’re running a little bit behind the facts. On October 17, 2007 Apple announced an SDK would be made available to third-party developers in February 2008. I think the initial lock-up was hotly debated within Apple, but the choice was made to allow the iPhone to have a secure “life” for a few months. If the phone would have been open right from the start, some script kiddy would have installed his own app, which made the iPhone crash and then all analysts would have shouted “see, this phone is insecure”.I think Apple has a valid concern about 3rd party apps. They don’t want your phone to crash when you’re about to take a important call (imagine how that feels, must be like MS Word crashing on you when you hit Save).Instead they’ve proved the phone is stable, reliable and a joy to use. Once that was established they opened up the phone. Credit where credit is due I think.

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thanks for your observation. I was aware that Apple had announced the SDK, and to be complete I should have mentioned it. But I still think that the iPhone is not an open platform the way Apple is monetizing it now. Just look at it from a user perspective. If I want to use it on a different network, one thta is not dictated by Apple or the mobile carrier, but dictated by my needs, I can’t do it.If I want to use the iPhone to Skype from any WiFi connection (take the one at your home for example) I can’t do it.In essence, I think of the iPhone as a multimedia computer that can also make calls. But as an owner of that computer, I don’t get to use it in a way I can with my home PC.And I am not so sure about the motives of Apple with the delay in delivering the SDK. The blogging world is skeptical about te reasons why it came this late. But, now that it is here, we will have to wait and see what will happen.

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