Hi, first of all thanks for writing a post out of my comment I would just like to clarify a couple of things.1) my comment was intended to say that writing comments does not make your code good or bad. Code is code, comments are comments. You can have all the possible combinations of perfect/good/medium/bad/afwul code and comments that you can think of.2) The example you make in this post is probably not the best. I perfectly agree with you: THAT comment is useless. The fact is: the programmer who changed the code may have added a meaningful comment instead!Like// We only need to return false if $state is active, otherwise bla bla bla(if $records == 0 && $state == ACTIVE){ return false;}This type of comment is not trivial as the one you wrote because it does not explain what the code does but WHY it does that.It's like saying// Set a = 1$a = 1;Ok, that's really stupidBut// We need to initialise a to 1 because xxxx$a = 1;That could be more interesting (depending on the situation) That said, I don't want to say that every single line should be commented, of course. But I still prefer one line of comments than aVariableWithAnExtraLongNameThatTakesMeAgesToRead.Of course, at some point it all comes down to the specific situation and to personal taste.nico

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“Princess” our little Sheltie, is so happy that we have found Dancing Creek Farm. When we ask her if she wants to go to “The Farm,” she’s ready to get in the car. For many years, Princess was a therapy dog and visited nursing homes and pre-schools. Although she loved all the attention and everyone loved her, there came a time when she was too old and “ailing” and we took her out of the therapy program. She was so sad when we had to board her; she just wasn’t accustomed to being all alone in a cage. With Tamara and the Dancing Creek Farm, she blossoms into the loving, friendly little girl she was when she visited everyone. Princess is a “people dog” and gets treated as a person at THE DANCING CREEK FARM! We really appreciate Tamara and her crew.

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