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Oldsmobile Northern Lights Car Club
28 Garfield Crescent
Sherwood Park, Alberta T8A3L7 Canada

Ken Pilidis
Tel: 780-417-4062

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Q.     What is the Northern Lights Chapter ?
A.     It is a car club dedicated to the preservation, restoration and enjoyment of all Oldsmobiles 1897 to present.

Q.     What's in it for me if I join ?
A.     Well, the more you put into your club, the more you get out of it. If you are looking for parts, this club is an easy way to find what you are looking for. We have contacts with over 50 other Oldsmobile clubs across North America. We are affiliated with the biggest Olds club in the world - The Oldsmobile Club of America. With membership, you will receive a 26 page quarterly newsmagazine filled with articles on how to improve your Olds, stories form other members, Olds history, what's new with Olds today, and a classified section with only Olds parts, cars, literature, etc.

Each July you may participate in our annual Oldsmobile car show, in Olds Alberta. Each September you may join us on our annual All Oldsmobile Weekend with two other Olds clubs. You may join the Oldsmobile Club of America if you wish, however the choice is yours.

As a member of the Northern Lights Chapter, you may place a free 40 word ad in the classifieds. You will also be offered discounts on tires, plating, detailing, upholstery work, etc.

Q.     How much will it cost me to join your club ?
A.     To join the Northern Lights Chapter: $30.00. All memberships expire on January 31st.

Q.     I don't own an Oldsmobile, but I do like them. Can I still join ?
A.     Sure! We've had members join our club to look for that certain Olds. If they were serious on buying one... they found it.

Q.     So you're not just an Edmonton car club ?
A.     At first we had planned to be. But as soon as people heard about us we began getting calls from all over Alberta.
Then we started getting calls from the western provinces. After that, eastern Canada, the USA and finally Europe. We now have over 95 members.

Q.     Where does the club go on the All Oldsmobile Weekend ?
A.     It depends...

In the past we've gone to Kelowna, Couer d'Alene, Banff, etc. We get together next with the B.C. Oldsmobile Club and Seattle's Puget Sound Chapter. It's a great time... .

Q.     My Olds is not in show car condition.
A.     So what! An Oldsmobile on the road is better than one in a junkyard. This club's purpose is to have fun with your car. And if you want to fix your car up, this club can help with that.

Q.     My Oldsmobile is not original, it's modified.
A.     So were the early ones. In 1903 Ransom Eli Olds raced a highly modified Olds called "The Pirate" at Ormond Beach, Fl. He hit an astounding speed of over 55 mph! We're not snobs! What you do with your car is your business. We just offer you the chance to share your love of Oldsmobiles with others who feel the same way. Whether your car is stock, modified, race or whatever - you're welcome here!

Q.     Just what types of Oldsmobiles are in your club ?
A.     We have luxury, performance, family, compacts, antique, station wagons, coupes, sedans, convertibles, vans, etc. Anything that Oldsmobile built.

Q.     How do I join ?
A.     Easy! Just send your payment - Overseas membership is $30.00 CDN.
Please send to:

Oldsmobile Northern Lights Chapter
711 Poplar Road SW
Calgary, AB, Canada
T3C 3A1     or via PAYPAL