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Road Magnet Performance Springs
8905 Kelso Drive
Baltimore, MD 21221 USA

Mark Habicht
Tel: 866-419-7721

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Manufacturer of precision, high quality suspension springs. All springs made to last the life of the vehicle and come with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Other custom springs available too.

About Us

      Road Magnet Performance Springs is a division of the Kirk-Habicht Company.  Kirk-Habicht has been designing and manufacturing quality springs for all applications since 1907.  Road Magnet springs were conceived in 2002 as a result of many conversations with car owners frustrated with problems inherent in other aftermarket vehicle suspension springs, including lift and lowering kits.  Complaints that other springs were too stiff, too  soft, too low, not low enough, as well as creating uneven appearances from side to side and front to back, are just some of the problems associated with other suspension springs.  Road Magnet Performance Springs are designed and engineered to solve these problems.

     After the creation of Road Magnet as superior aftermarket performance springs, it was a natural transition for Road Magnet to move into the racing arena.  Road Magnet partnered with Team Lexus Racing, helping to deliver the 2002 Grand AM Cup Circuit Championship to driver Chuck Goldsborough and Team Lexus in a Lexus IS300 equipped with Road Magnet springs.  In 2004, Road Magnet partnered with Bertil Roos Racing School to provide superior springs for their Formula 2000 racers, helping the cars reach up to 2 Gs on  corners.  The Road Magnet Springs allow these powerful race cars to stay glued to the track at even the highest speeds.

     Every model of Road Magnet Springs offered has gone through vigorous testing to achieve the best possible ride and handling while lowering the vehicle height as much as possible without compromising safety or ride quality.  The tight manufacturing tolerances of the springs allow for the vehicle to sit level, feel balanced, and handle better than any stock suspension system. 

     All Road Magnet springs are covered by a simple, easy to understand warranty.  Unlike other aftermarket spring manufacturers and suppliers, Road Magnet does not require a certified mechanic or specialist to perform the assembly or installation of the product.

     Road magnet springs are designed and engineered to perform under any driving conditions from racing applications, to regular everyday driving.  Conversely other warranties suggest that lowering springs are for "show" purposes and use only.  Road Magnet understands the need for practical driving on vehicles equipped with the product. 

     Road Magnet stands strongly behind the quality and performance of the springs with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  In the unlikely event of any problems, the springs may be returned for a replacement or full refund.  The Road Magnet mission is to provide each customer with high quality performance springs that will last the life of the vehicle, handle the way the customer desires, and meet the show, driving, or racing needs of all our clients and their vehicles.

     All Road Magnet springs are manufactured in the USA (Baltimore, Maryland) with all American materials whenever possible.


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