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Tom Fritz, Inc.
PO Box 800
Newbury Park, CA 91319-0800 USA

Tom Fritz
Tel: 805-499-1630

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Tom Fritz is a master in the genre of Automotive Art. His oil paintings are noted for their quality of light, color, and intense emotional impact, and are collected by discerning individuals and corporations world-wide. A member of the Automotive Fine Arts Society (AFAS), five-time recipient of the prestigious Peter Helck Award (Best of Show at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance) and licensed by Harley-Davidson Motor Company, his creations bring a sense of awe and inspiration to anyone who views them.Automotive Fine Arts Master Tom Fritz proudly announces the premier of five original oil paintings during his return to both the Barrett-Jackson Auction in Scottsdale, Arizona and the Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona, California this January. In addition, this will be the first time his newest Harley-Davidson authorized original, "Percussion Discussion" will be shown to the public. Fritz's exhibit will be in the main tent at Barrett-Jackson and in Building 6 at the Grand National Roadster Show. You can also catch the artist working on originals in his booth at Barrett-Jackson.

"Doing It By Ear", oil on canvas, 11" x 35".

As one of the few transportation artists who has elevated himself above the camera, his interpretations have set him apart from the others and are sought after by discerning private and corporate collectors. "If Art were only the perfection of precise detail, the camera would put me out of work. My work focuses on transposing a thought; a representational interpretation of something I feel on an emotive level. The power in my work boils down to suppressing what's inconsequential and accenting what's important using crisp color and light. I bring to the table something the camera can never do."

"Ears'r Gonna Be Ringing", oil on canvas, 16" x 20".
Fritz is a member of the Automotive Fine Arts Society (AFAS) and is the only artist to have been won the prestigious Peter Helck Award (Best-of-Show at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance) an unprecedented five times. He is also licensed by Harley-Davidson Motor Company, and has had his creations published in numerous publications worldwide.

"Somethin' To Slobber Over", oil on canvas, 12" x 24". 

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