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Texas USA

Lyle Clark
Tel: 830-708-3056

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TRAILER TOWING EQUIPMENT AND ACCESSORIES is in the business to provide you with the best in trailer protection and theft prevention! We sell what we consider the best equipment available on the market today. We will NOT sell anything that we would not use on our own trailers or machinery.

Because we carry several brands, we can customize a solution for you.  Our sales team will ask you questions to help you find the best security for you. Whether you have a small 5x8 trailer, a flat bed, a construction trailer, or even a semi-trailer, we will provide you with what you need. We have several photos throughout the site of many of these installations. Oil field security

Don't be misled by cheap imitations, or so-called wireless alarms.

If we won't sell their product, do YOU really want to buy it?  Remember, "You get what you pay for"! 

     Be pro-active. Don't be a statistic.