DeLorean and Solstice


The DeLorean is iconic and recognized worldwide. It’s placement in the movie “Back to the Future” guaranteed widespread notoriety. Regardless though, for a small company that fizzled out it’s pretty amazing to be remembered like this.

The original car’s creator, John C. DeLorean, worked at General Motors (and specifically Pontiac) before he ventured off to create his own, one-of-a-kind car company. How ironic would it be now that a car from Pontiac might be saved by the company bearing his name.


When GM debuted the Kappa twins, most specifically the Solstice, it was met with much fanfare. Bob Lutz intended the cars to show a different GM, and they were developed at great expense. In it’s short model life the Solstice had a lot of success, even to the point of passing the Mazda MX-5 Miata in the sales race.

The closure of the Pontiac brand cut the model cycle of the car short, along with it’s Saturn Sky counterpart. Before the brand’s closure, GM commented that it was open to the possibility of selling the tooling and even the plant to build the Solstice to an outside company.

There didn’t seem to be any public interest in them – until now. Delorean Motor Company is looking into the prospect of building a car based on the Solstice and that they are excited about “putting several hundred people back to work” in Wilmington, Delaware. If this pans out, it would just be an amazing turn of events. I have always thought that the Solstice deserves to continue on – it is a good product.


The company that would be working to bring the Solstice back to life would be the Delorean Motor Company. It currently operates as a company that restores and fixes old DeLoreans, as well as offering upgraded “new” DeLoreans for the brand faithful.

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