Dodge Challenger NASCAR Nationwide Series racer unveiled

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NASCAR\’s rollout of its new Nationwide Series race car design has garnered buzz already with the introduction of the first-ever Mustang-branded stocker, and it got another shot in the arm yesterday at Talladega when Chrysler pulled the wraps off its brand-new Dodge Challenger Nationwide racer. We personally love the fact that the Challenger NNS car retains the same general front-end look as the production street car — partially restoring an element that\’s been missing from stock cars for years now. The new Nationwide Mustang and Challenger will join their yet-to-be-unveiled counterparts from Chevy and Toyota (don\’t hold your breath for a Nationwide Camaro) in four races on the 2010 Nationwide Series calendar: Daytona in July, then later dates at Michigan, Richmond, and Lowe\’s Motor Speedway. The new car designs are expected to be fully adopted for the 2011 NASCAR Nationwide Series season. This process mimics the way NASCAR rolled out the Car of Tomorrow in the top-tier Sprint Cup series. Check out Dodge\’s official press release after the jump, and have a closer look at the new Dodge Challenger Nationwide car in the gallery below. As soon as Chrysler PR uploads photos that show more than just the car\’s front end (come on, guys…), we\’ll update the gallery.

UPDATE: has shots of all four new NNS cars. The Chevy and Toyota retain Impala and Camry branding.

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