Hummers Good For Anything Other Than Showing Off?

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The biggest benefits of owning a Hummer are pretty obvious. It’s
bigger than most other SUVs, so it’s quite a sight to see. Be it in a suburb or
a city center, you are bound to turn some heads in a Hummer. It never goes
unnoticed, and that is the number one reason why people buy Hummers. If you
want to make your presence felt wherever you go, Hummer is the perfect vehicle
for you. This doesn’t have to mean that Hummers are only good for showing off,
though. There are other benefits to owning a Hummer, including its amazing
off-road capabilities, high storage capacity, and the full-time 4-wheel-drive

One of the most interesting things about Hummers is that even
though they are very large, they have very good handling. This is especially
true for the H3. It features a highly-responsive steering system, and a sturdy
suspension that is optimized for off-road driving. Another good thing about
Hummers is that they come with lots of standard features that can’t be found on
other trucks, such as DVD entertainment systems, DVD navigation radio, remote
keyless entry, and remote power locks, among other things. The H1 and the H2
are equipped with the Bose radio system, that has noise-canceling technology
that provides you with clear sound by eliminating the noise created by the
wind. Also, it’s pretty cool that back seat passengers have separate stereo and
climate controls.

Hummer, Off Roading

The off-road capabilities of Hummers are perhaps their most
appealing feature apart from the fact that they are incredibly large. They are
good off-road vehicles because they have high-quality suspension that enables
them to go over rocks and bumps without trouble, and because of their high
ground clearance and large wheels which allow them to go over vertical walls
that are as tall as 15 inches, and negotiate water surfaces as deep as 20
inches. It’s a very stable vehicle, thanks to the low center of gravity, and
the wide tires provide very good traction. Also, Hummers have high towing
capacities, which is one of the most important attributes of all trucks and
SUVs. The H3 for example, has a 6,000 pounds towing capacity, which is higher
than most SUVs.

The fact that all Hummers feature aluminum bodies and steel
roofs and doors makes them very strong and durable, which means it takes a long
time before rust starts showing up on the trucks’ bodies.

As far as downsides of owning a Hummer are concerned, its poor
fuel economy is the biggest issue. Hummers only get about 15 mpg, which makes
them pretty inefficient, so if you want to own a Hummer, you have to know that
you’ll have to spend a lot of money on fuel.

If you take all the advantages and disadvantages of owning a
Hummer into consideration, the bottom line would be that apart from the fact
that it’s an attention grabber, it’s an excellent off-road vehicle and if you
don’t mind the high fuel costs, and you go off-roading often, then it’s the
right vehicle for you.

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