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Hanna Motorsports


Enfield, CT – October 22, 2014 – The President of Hanna Motorsports Jets, Al Hanna, today announced the post wind tunnel performance results of the Queen of Diamonds II jet dragster. The head-turning performance was the direct result of the Hanna’s day of testing at the A2 Wind Tunnel complex, located in Mooresville, North Carolina.

 Dragster Wind Tunnel Performance Results

"Our family is dedicated to growth and success. With that said, we made the decision to invest in a full day session at the acclaimed A2 Wind Tunnel, for our ‘one-of-a-kind’ jet dragster; the new ‘Queen of Diamonds II.’ There were many issues to trouble shoot with this new design, and we wanted to test in a controlled manner. The A2 Wind Tunnel made those tests available in a safe and really exciting environment.”

The weekend prior to going to Mooresville, they competed at Maryland International Raceway, where Jill Canuso piloted the "Queen of Diamonds II" to a 5.29@299.93 MPH pass. They immediately knew they were on the right track, with some recent changes and updates that were implemented on the machine.

After their A2 trip, they brought the car to the New Capitol Raceway, in Crofton, Maryland, as it was time to test results of the things they learned at A2.  After making minor changes to the fuel system, Jill ran consecutive passes of 5.29@297.80 followed by a terrific 5.25@301.33.

The Hanna’s used A2 to configure the best combination of down force versus drag, and lateral stability.  "This is truly a work in progress," stated Rich Hanna, VP of Hanna Motorsports Jets and the driver of the record holding 'GOJO Firebird' Jet FC. "Although we've achieved our goal of 300 MPH with this new design, we also learned there are so many other areas we now have to explore further. Our goal is to achieve even better on-track performance along with even better handling characteristics."

The Hanna Motorsports Jets team has support from GOJO Industries, XLERATOR Hand Dryers, and Simpson Performance.  The "Queen of Diamonds II" is now booking for 2015, after a very successful 2014. 

The final appearance of the team jet funny cars, the 'GOJO Firebird', and the 'XLERATOR' Top Secret Firebird is at the PBIR Citrus Nationals in West Palm Beach, Florida November 29/30.  "There's no question the investment in a day at A2 Wind Tunnel was a great decision.  I'd recommend anyone in motorsports spend a day at A2.  The learning cannot be duplicated on the track", said Al Hanna.


Hanna Motorsports is a 47-year professional exhibition drag race company. Hanna Motorsports is dedicated to safety, showmanship, and performance in fielding three of the finest professional exhibition machines in the nation. The Hanna Motorsports team cars, the ”GOJO Firebird”, driven by Rich Hanna, the XLERATOR “Top Secret” Firebird, driven by Ken Hall, and the “Queen of Diamonds II” 300 MPH Jet Dragster, driven by Jill Canuso, are recognized as one of the top teams in history. Hanna Motorsports was incorporated in 1978 by President Al Hanna and wife, Ellen. Having been in professional motorsports since the mid-60’s, the Hanna’s made the decision to operate as an organized business from that moment through today. Along with Al and Ellen, sons Scott and Rich joined the program with support, and a ton of hard work. Al & Ellen Hanna are both “Hall of Fame” members in New England. Since the inception of the very first Hanna Motorsports machine, Hanna Motorsports has fielded nearly 50 professional drag race cars in multiple categories including Top Fuel Dragster, Nitro Funny Car, Jet Dragster, Jet Funny Car, and Super Stock. For more information visit or call 860-745-1870.

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blank 10/23/14 10:31AM Custom Wheel Covers, Hubcaps, Pre-WWII Cars

LMARR DISK LTD.. Manufacture New Wheel Covers for Your Classic and Vintage Concours Show Car


Old World Class made with New World Technology

Achieve the perfect original look for your classic car with wheel
covers from Lmarr Disk Ltd.

  • Lmarr Disk Ltd is the world’s largest source of wheel discs and related parts for Pre-World War II classic cars.
  • Our discs are fitted on classic cars around the world and have helped their owner’s enjoy more carefree driving, as well as win many classic car events.
  • Give your classic car the look it had when it was new or change it to reflect your style.
  • Every year we broaden our product line by adding new discs and deluxe versions of our existing discs. We carry high quality complete wheel assembly kits and replacement parts for our discs and other manufacturers.
  • What we don’t stock, we will manufacture for you, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Lmarr Disk Ltd was started in 1986 by owner Mike Rabin. While looking for replacement wheel discs for his 1935 20/25 Rolls-Royce, Mike found pictures in a prewar brochure showing the original disc design. He successfully had molds made to match that original look. Lmarr follows the same procedure with all of its 90 stock discs and custom orders.

Lmarr Disk Ltd continues to contribute to winning classic cars at shows and concourses around the world.

Enhance the look of your classic car, reduce cleaning and enjoy more driving time.

Perfection Achieved!

Alfa (Mille Migila Spider)


Fiat Supersonic










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blank 10/22/14 08:12AM Ford Mustang, Hard Rock Hotel, Music in America

Ford and Hard Rock Hotels & Casinos Celebrate 50 Years of Mustang
and the Future of Music in America

Icon 50 Logo

Ford’s ICON50 and Hard Rock Hotels & Casinos name 10 artists who embody the spirit of the iconic Ford Mustang and are driving the future of music in America

ICON50 artists include ASTR, Betty Who, Cathedrals, Elle King, Joywave, MisterWives, Sheppard, Smallpools, Young Rising Sons and Young & Sick

Launched in September, ICON50 is a unique program that unites the new Ford Mustang with cultural experts from Hard Rock Hotels & Casinos, Zagat, ESPN The Magazine and Mashable to discover the next wave of cultural drivers

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Mustang and its influence on popular culture, Ford Motor Company and Hard Rock Hotels & Casinos have teamed up through the ICON50 program to name 10 up-and-coming artists who are breaking new ground and setting the stage for the future in the music industry.

Like music, which has the power to transcend generations, help define popular culture and ignite movement, Ford Mustang inspires a sense of freedom, independence and adventure.

“Hard Rock is the perfect collaborator to explore music as part of popular culture and to identify trends that will shape the industry’s future,” said Melanie Banker, Mustang brand manager, Ford Motor Company. “For five decades Mustang has represented some of the best of American popular culture, and since the early ’70s Hard Rock has embodied that same spirit – one deeply rooted in rock ’n’ roll culture while evolving with the ever-changing music landscape and inspiring fans along the way.”

ICON50 artists include ASTR, Betty Who, Cathedrals, Elle King, Joywave, MisterWives, Sheppard, Smallpools, Young Rising Sons and Young & Sick.

“There’s no denying the significant impact both music and Mustang have had on popular culture,” said Matt Watts, director of music and marketing, Hard Rock Hotels & Casinos. “The artists whom we’ve identified are each carving their own path, and have pushed musical and cultural barriers to reach a broader audience. They not only represent what’s great and exciting about music right now, we feel they’ll inspire and move people in the future as well.”

Launched in September, ICON50 explores how popular culture could evolve. The unique program encourages Americans to rekindle their sense of adventure behind the wheel of the all-new Mustang. Along with Hard Rock, experts from Zagat, ESPN The Magazine and Mashable are helping to curate a list of 50 innovators and designing themed driving routes across America in celebration of Mustang’s 50th anniversary and the arrival of the all-new pony car in dealerships throughout the country.

Driving what’s next in music
Ford and Hard Rock have laid out a cultural road map and developed a driving route along the eastern region of the country featuring must-see destinations that are helping to shape what’s next in the music scene.

“There’s no better way to explore what’s coming in music than to hit the road and drive, and there’s no better car to do this in than Mustang,” said Watts. “The sense of freedom and adventure Mustang inspires has been echoed in many great songs over time.”

From New York to Florida, Hard Rock helped to create a route that will allow consumers to discover the cultural landmarks of music. The tour begins in Brooklyn, home to many hot spots that have made the borough an indie rock mecca for the young and trendy. The route continues south through Washington, D.C., North Carolina, Tennessee and Louisiana, before ending in Miami – with music festivals and unique venues aplenty along the way. An interactive map featuring the driving route and key points of interest can be found at

A specially curated playlist featuring tracks from each of the ICON50 artists will be available for download to guests at Hard Rock venues around the world starting in February 2015.

To celebrate the artists named to the ICON50 music list, ASTR, Betty Who and MisterWives will perform live at a special event today in conjunction with the College Music Marathon in New York.

ICON50 will continue over the next several months, exploring cultural drivers that will help define a new generation in the realms of food, sports, technology and design. The next list of innovators and themed driving route will focus on the culinary space, and will be released with Zagat in early November.

Why Mustang is a pop culture icon
Early on, Mustang’s unique combination of style, performance and affordability established an entirely new class of sports car. Its impact goes well beyond the more than 9.2 million cars sold in its 50 years of continuous production. Mustang has made thousands of appearances in film, television and video games, and is referenced in nearly 50 songs.

On sale now, the all-new Mustang is the most advanced pony car yet, featuring an all-new, sophisticated design and a host of innovative new technologies and connectivity systems.

Next year, for the first time, Mustang will go on sale globally to customers in more than 120 markets, including right-hand-drive markets.

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Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals
Rosemont, IL-Chicago; November 22-23, 2014

Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals

The Muscle Car & Corvette Nationals is the ultimate gathering place for enthusiasts, young and old, who have a passion for horsepower. This indoor showcase celebrates the cars that have become a part of our lives and to provide a place to revive past memories and friendships while opening the door to many new memories and friendships.

More Than Just Cars

By being involved in many shows over the years, we have seen what works and what doesn’t work. First and foremost, we know that it takes much more than a room full of cars to have a great show. We know that it is the people involved in our hobby that make it so enjoyable. Surely the sights and sounds are what opens the door, but it is the shared enthusiasm we all have and the enjoyment we get by sharing the memories with those who love these four-wheeled wonders as much as we do.

Join us for the ride, whether as a participant showing your own pride and joy or selling your parts, or as a spectator reliving those memories. Let us all make some new memories together.
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blank 10/18/14 10:59AM chevelle parts, Chevy Parts, Fuel Tanks






Replacing your Chevelle's Rusted, Damaged Fuel Tank Just Became More Attractive With East Coast Chevelle's  

Fuel Tank Kits

We Offer Two Kits And We're Sure you'll Appreciate The Great Prices. 




Our customers loved'em so were continue to tell our customers about our Chevelle gas tank kits!
As Always we appreciate you business.

Nick "K"
DEER PARK , NY 11729

1964-72 Chevelle Fuel Tank Kit 1
1964-72 Chevelle Fuel Tank Kit Plus
1964-72 Chevelle Fuel Tank Kit 1

6467 fuel tANK KIT 1


   Dave's East Coast Chevelle's Fuel Tank Kit  


  Our Kit Includes: One Fuel Tank, Galvanized And Two Mounting Straps And Mounting Bolts.
These Kits Are Located In Our Fuel Sedtion on Our Website:§ionPID=1

Part #   FK61 - Fit's 1964-67 Chevelle's
Part #   FK81 - Fit's 1968-69 Chevelle's
Part #   FK70 - Fit's 1970 Chevelle's
Part #   FTK712 - Fit's 1971-1972 Chevelle's


1964-72 Chevelle Fuel Tank Kit Plus

7072 chevelle fuel tank kit deluxe


   Dave's East Coast Chevelle's Fuel Tank Kit  Plus


Our Kit Includes: One Galvanized Fuel Tank And Two Mounting Straps And Mounting Bolts.
And A fuel Sending Unit.These Kits Are Located In Our Fuel Sedtion on Our Website:§ionPID=1

Part #   FKP34 - Fit's 1964-67 Chevelle With 3/8 Line
Part #   FKP4 -   Fit's 1964-67 Chevelle With 5/16 Line
Part #   FKP89 - Fit's 1968-69 Chevelle With 3/8 Line No Return
Part #   FTK99 - Fit's 1968-69 Chevelle With 3/8 Line & 1/4 Return Line
Part #   FTP3 -   Fit's 1970 Chevelle With 3/8 Line No Return
Part #   FTP7R - Fit's 1970 Chevelle With 3/8 Line & 1/4 Return Line
Part #   FTK7P-  Fit's 1971-72 Chevelle With 3/8 Line No Return Line
Part #   FTP72 - Fit's 1971-72 Chevelle With 3/8 Line & 1/4 Return Line


As always we truly appreciate your business and suggestions on improving our service to you.
Save 5%
Just starting your 1964-72 Chevelle project or replacing a damaged  parts, East Coast Chevelle is offering you 5% off all Front Suspension parts. Call us with your order and we'll make sure you receive this discount.
Offer Expires: Nov 28, 2014 - Discount excludes sale items, kit's and combo kits.
Save Time
In our area, Long Island NY, (Deer Park) if you want any of these great kits or any other part we offer installed (including your own)  East Coast Chevelle now offers Installation of any part we sell or yours. Our licensed, professional restoration shop is here to help you. Call for details.

 Project 1969 Malibu is almost complete, just painted and ready for her vinyl top. Hours of sheet metal replacement and prepping shows on this flawless paint job, prefect seams, corners and detail in masking this Malibu shows in every way.
The professionals at Millennium Custom Auto proved themselves again with their dedication to giving the customer the highest quality work possible.

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USRA Championship Awards Banquet
Heartland Auto Racing Show 2014

USRA - United States Racing Association


The United States Racing Association will celebrate the drivers, crew members and sponsors that made the 2014 season a monumental success at this year's USRA Championship Awards Banquet on Saturday, Nov. 22, at Prairie Meadows Casino & Hotel in Altoona, Iowa.
This year's ceremony will take place in conjunction with the 2nd Annual Heartland Auto Racing Show happening Friday and Saturday that same weekend at the Iowa Events Center in Des Moines. The show is the premier trade show in the region, and brings together regional companies from the Heartland and national companies that greatly value the race teams and buyers of the area.
The trade show ends at 5 p.m. on Saturday. Just a few minutes east, social hour begins at 6 p.m. for USRA Championship Awards Banquet attendees. Dinner is served at 7 p.m. and the awards ceremony is tentatively slated to begin at 8 p.m.
In addition to drivers, crew members. track officials and sponsors, fans are invited to take part in the USRA Championship Awards Banquet. Business casual attire is required (no jeans).
Tickets will be available beginning next week by calling USRA headquarters at 515-832-6000, Monday through Friday, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m

Heartland Auto Racing Show 2014
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New Floor Mount Chute Release & Cable Kit
Introduced by S&W

 NEW S&W Made Safety Accessory that’s Easy to Install and Easy to Use

Spring City, PA – October 16, 2014 – S&W Race Cars has introduced their new floor mount parachute release and cable kit. It is designed to fit most door cars, quickly and easily mounting to the floor or tunnel using basic tools. The Kit includes: (1) 7” long x 2” wide floor mounting plate, (1) parachute handle, (1) 168” parachute cable and necessary installation hardware. As with many S&W’s bolt-on kits, this kit makes the perfect evening or weekend project. Kit ships unassembled, no welding required. In addition, the new floor mount will also be an available option when purchasing S&W’s popular Parachute Combo Kit. For additional information, please call Toll Free 1-800-532-3353 and/or visit S&W at  Made in the USA product.

Floor Mount Parachute Release and Cable Kit

Floor Mount Parachute Release and Cable KitFloor Mount Parachute Release and Cable Kit


Introductory Price: $69.99


Founded in 1959, S&W Race Cars is known worldwide as the leader in drag race chassis development and innovation. Their custom built, award winning race cars are used by many of the leading NHRA & IHRA professional, Nostalgia and Sportsman race teams. Their 27,000 sq ft. headquarters houses a full line of affordable chassis kits, roll bars and roll cages, suspension parts, rollers to complete race cars and much more. S&W’s Made in the USA products are used by do-it-yourselfers and professionals around the world. S&W Race Cars also carries products for use in pro/street cars, street rods, and off-road trucks and RV’s. The manufacturing department provides WaterJet cutting, MIG and TIG welding, sheet-metal forming; round or rectangular tube bending and full-service machine shop services. For more information visit or call (800) 523-3353.

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blank 10/15/14 12:56PM Events, MCACN, Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals, Muscle Cars

November 22-23, 2014; Chicago, IL

The Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals crew is pleased to announce that Jim Wangers will be appearing at the show, November 22-23, 2014. Known as “The Godfather of the GTO”, Wangers will be appearing along with a select group of 1964-1974 Pontiac GTO’s in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of this iconic Muscle Car.

 Often credited as the first Muscle Car, the GTO was originally created by John DeLorean and his team when he served as the Chief Engineer at Pontiac, and later as the head of Pontiac. Dropping a large engine into the intermediate Tempest body, which was technically forbidden by G. M. brass, was later lauded as a major success for the division with over 32,000 units sold in 1964, the inaugural year.

Jim Wangers A large part of the success of the GTO is due to the outstanding advertising campaign and publicity created by Jim Wangers, who was born in Chicago, and his team at Campbell-Ewald. Starting with a cover story in the March 1964 issue of Car and Driver magazine implying the Grenadier Red GTO was challenging a Ferrari GTO, history was made in a big way. “Now our job was to sell it,” Wangers stated. “When I suggested a GTO vs. Ferrari GTO bout, as a spoof, he jumped at the idea.” The he was Car and Driver Editor David E. Davis, and although the Ferrari was never directly pitted against the Pontiac GTO, they had tested one previously. With incredible results, (like a 0 – 100 mph time of 11.8 seconds) and glowing reviews, the car hit the scene with a huge splash and nearly every young man wanted one. This exact red car, restored to perfection, will also be featured at the show.

 Jim Wangers will be appearing at the show Saturday, November 22, and Sunday, November 23.

 Wangers will also be hosting an intimate seminar onsite that will offer a behind the scenes look and the story of the launch of the GTO Saturday.


The Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals is the world’s largest all indoor specialty show devoted to Muscle Cars, Dealer-built Supercars and the finest and rarest Corvettes. Over 550 cars and 200 automotive related vendor spaces will fill the building to capacity.

The show takes place Saturday, November 22, from 9 am – 9 pm and Sunday, November 23 from 9 am – 5 pm at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, 5555 N. River Road, Rosemont, (suburban Chicago), Illinois.


The Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals is an all makes indoor show that provides the ultimate gathering place for enthusiasts, young and old, who have a passion for horsepower. For more information visit, or  call 586-549-5291.
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