Insurance and Transporting a Muscle Car


If you need to ship a muscle
car or high performance vehicle over a long distance, there are some things you
should know before settling on an auto transport company.


transporting a high performance car, there are options for both the method of
transport and the level of insurance coverage provided during transport.
Authorized auto transport companies should offer a base level of liability
insurance coverage for all vehicles, as well as cargo insurance to cover your
vehicle while it is in their care.


there is a base standard of insurance coverage in the auto transport industry,
the extent of the coverage can vary widely from company to company. Legally
speaking, an auto transport company is
required to provide you with their insurance certificate
which outlines the
details of the coverage they offer.


familiar with the extent of coverage and limitations, you can decide if you’d
like to purchase additional insurance. While the core level of coverage is
typically fine for most cars, owners of high performance cars often choose to
go with additional insurance to protect the considerable time and monetary
investment they’ve made in their car.


How To
Determine What Level of Coverage You Need


first step in the process of assessing your insurance needs is determining the
value of your car. If the value of your muscle car exceeds that of the
insurance offered by an auto transport company, it’s a good idea to at least
explore the available options.


For the
most part, auto transport companies will cover at least the
Kelley Blue Book value of your vehicle.


your auto insurance carrier to see if they offer any sort of coverage during
auto transport. Some car insurance companies cover damages incurred during auto
transport, making it unnecessary to purchase the additional insurance.


If your
private insurance doesn’t provide such coverage, be sure to discuss your
options with an auto transport professional so that you can fully understand
the coverage limits and your options when it comes to purchasing additional




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