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  • Cutworm Specialties, Rat Rods, Hot Rods, Muscle Cars

    Cutworm Specialties, Rat Rods, Hot Rods, Muscle Cars


    About Us

    Many people ask us, “Why Cutworm? What is the source of your company name?” Cutworm is the nickname of Jeb’s grandfather.

    There are a couple of stories about how

    Jeb’s grandfather acquired the nickname of Cutworm. When Jeb was very

    young he asked his grandfather how he landed such an unusual name. His

    grandfather told him about the time he played football in school and how

    he had the ability to cut in and out of his opponents to run the

    football down field. So his teammates started calling him Cutworm.

    There is another story that has been

    passed around town. Cutworm was a very frugal man. He liked to hang on

    to his cabbage. Cutworm is another name for Cabbage Worm. Since cutworms

    eat a lot of cabbage, he earned the nickname of Cutworm.

    Cutworm owned a general store in the city

    square of Hayesville. He sold all kinds of items. Since Cutworm was so

    frugal, he didn’t throw anything away. The general store today is

    closed, but it is still full of all of the items from the early 1900.

    Cutworm loved hot rods and Model T and

    Model A Fords. Notice Cutworm with his early Ford hot rods in the

    picture on this page. Jeb’s genes were already being primed and

    conditioned to like hot rods and early Fords. Also pictured here is

    Cutworms wife Dale, posing with another of Cutworms hot rods. She could

    well have been one of the first hot rod chicks to be photographed with a

    hot rod.

    When Jeb was growing up he liked and

    drove early Fords then. He had a 5 horse power Model T Ford fun car to

    drive at age six. Little did he know then that he would one day be

    building hot rods similar to these cars.

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