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2011 SEMA Daily Update 2

Bret Voelkel sent in the 2nd report from Tuesday, after completing day one of SEMA:

"The crowd at SEMA this year is huge! I'm told buyer registration is up by 20%. I believe it judging by the difficulty in getting through the aisles. I spent most of the day bouncing back and forth between the 48 Hour Camaro, our display booth, and the Optima corral outside where most of the participants for the Optima event were parked. As part of the Optima event on Saturday, I had to do an interview for the upcoming TV show. Of course they always want to know how I think we will place. I always try to be realistic. We've always had a top ten car at that event. The 48 Hour Camaro is our fastest entry yet, but every one else has gotten faster as well. I think we'll end up somewhere between 7th and 10th. We'll see!

I also had to move the camaro over to the Hilton for the ARMO banquet. It was as big a hit there as it's been everywhere else.

I got to see Albert Melchior's new 70 trans am today for the first time. Great car! It was built by Scott Mock and will be driven on Saturday by Scott's son Kevin Miller. He said he had it out last weekend for testing and was completely impressed with his new triple adjustable coil overs. Thanks Albert!

Tomorrow we are shooting 8 customer testimonial videos with the guys from Bangshift. We'll be talking to Jimi Day, Troy Trepanier, Alan Johnson, Albert Melchior, Goldberg, Curt Ukasic, and several others at the show. Look for those videos to start showing up on our website in the next 30 days or so.

I've been stunned by the number of customers who have come by the booth to request our "wheel trophy" signs and decals for their cars. Very happy customers...they always buy more stuff!

The big thing here this year seems to be new Camaros and old Mustangs...must be 200 of eachÖ Glad our Gen 5 Camaro system will be done shortly! The other big thing seems to be the absence of booth babes. I guess the first thing that gets cut when things get tight. are some pictures from Tuesday. Until tomorrow..."

- Bret Voelkel
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Not sure exactly what this is, but it's Australian, and the metalwork is just killer. Hard to get a picture, too many people!

VERY cool 66 charger from Alan Johnsons shop. You'll see more of this one.

Mark Rife's 63 corvette with an ls7, C4 suspension, and our triple adjustable coilovers. Mark is racing with us on Saturday at Optima.

One of my favorites so far...2nd gen Camaro from the Ring Brothers.

48 Hour Camaro on display at the ARMO banquet.

Albert Melchior's new 70 trans am. Albert is racing with us as well on Saturday. He is so excited!
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