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'56 Chevy Bodies

"Bright" Future at Woody's!

Woody's Hot Rodz of Celebrates 11 Year Anniversary

Bright, Indiana  - 11 Years….  It’s kind of surreal to look back at some of what Woody’s has done since we first hung our shingle out 11 years ago today. What's even more surreal is what we are doing now!  I started Woody’s Hot Rodz because I loved cars. I never would have thought that in just over a decade after leaving the white collar side of the aftermarket to dust off my welder, sanding blocks and paint gun, that the “idea” of Woody’s could have become what now is our reality.  We have had our fair share of luck, some manufactured, some just pure luck. We have also had our fair share of hardships, as all small businesses do, but at the end of the day we have worked really hard to make Woody’s what it is today. 
   We are now completely immersed in Tri-Five Chevys. These are the cars that started it all for me.  Being the first company to sell all all NEW 57 Chevy since GM sold their last 1957, was a big deal for us. This was also followed up by being the first to sell an all NEW ’55 and then ’56.  We were also the first to license these all new bodies as GM Restoration Parts and have sold more all NEW 55, 56, and 57 Chevy bodies than all other 
companies combined! 

   We are now proud to show you the first all new ’56 Convertible, built with a GM Licensed Woody’s Hot Rodz body.  We delivered this body in November 2013 to our customer Vince in Ohio. Vince has built this convertible into his dream car.  He used as many NOS (new old stock) pieces that he could find in his build and yes…..they fit the new body.  We know a lot of folks are waiting for the ’56 sheet metal to be available, and Golden Star is working on it now.  Soon fenders and hoods will be available as the ’56 inner fenders are now.  We offer the GM Licensed 1956 Chevy Convertible less front-end sheet metal for $17,900.
In closing I would like to thank all of our customers for helping to make Woody’s Hot Rodz a reality.  We have a lot of neat things happening at the shop and are looking forward to the Danchuk Tri-Five Nationals next August.  The response has been great and your pre-registrations are coming in daily.  We are adding things to the event each week and it looks like this will be the largest gathering of 55, 56, and 57 Chevys ever! Don’t miss out, and send in your registration today.  For more on the event go to  

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