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Chump Car Series is Back!!!

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"North America's $500 Endurance Road Racing Series "                                     May 2012

Real Racing, Real Tracks, Real Cheap Cars... ô


We're not always chumps.  Each year, ChumpCar adopts a local charity to support.  For 2012 we have selected the Ronald McDonald House Charaties.

"Donations" come in many ways... gargae rentals, late fees and even fines assesed during the race. When our drivers are a little chumpier than they should be, Ronals McDonald House Charaties win.

Ronald McDonald








Welcome to the 2012 Racing Season!

We're a little belated in welcoming you to this season, but better late than never! We're already several races into the season and have seen some spectacular spectacles as well as some darn good racing. The season is already proving to be another record breaking year of attendance and awesome racing so be sure and register for events if you haven't already and we will see you in the pits!


Windshield: Upcoming Events

Prolly too late to register but never too late show your support!


Spo-Crap-Can International Challenge Cup Sweet 16 - May 5 - Spokane County Raceway

Join us for a Cinco de Mayo celebration on Friday night followed by 16 super- sweet hours of racing at Spokane!


Texas Twister 24hr - May 19-20 -Texas World Speedway

Sure to be a race that carries you away at TWS! Bring your sun screen, your 10 gallon hat and show your Chump pride! 



Shannonville Shuffle Double 7 - May 19 - 20 Shannonville Motorsport


Don't blame Canada if you're not there- we will be! We are bringing ChumpCar racing to the frozen north and giving them a double shot of racing- Chump style


The 14hrs of Daytuna - May 27 - Daytona International Speedway

Who could miss this and call themselves a race car driver or a fan of the sport! Join us as ChumpCar takes over one of the premier tracks in the world for a full day of chump-style racing and some laps you are likely never to forget!





Review Mirror: Recap of Recent Events


The winner at VIR was Ronalds Racers who donated all of their winnings to local RMHC houses.  The Race featured 55 teams starting in the rain which gave the little cars an advantage for a while.  The Sanford and Son truck put on a show for the corner workers in the rain by drifting their truck through all of the corners.  Bobby LeBonte and Ken Schrader stopped by and put in a few laps with a team incognitoQuote of the day "Damn this is fun! If more people knew about this, there would be fewer people on the golf course!"


 The winner of both days at BeaverRun was, who actually placed 1st and 2nd on both days with their Saabs.  Race had 24 teams, many of which were first timers.  Attrition was high but the driving was clean.  The rain slowed teams on Saturday, but 5 lost wheels, and the ensuing cautions, slowed everybody on Sunday.  One new team, The Chumpaholics, had all sorts of troubles at their first ever event.  After getting the ChumpCar "Teething" award they had more trouble on their way home in the form of a trailer tire blowout! Proving the excitement and need for good driving skills doesn't end on the track!

In The Garage with Jim Gorman of Wreckless Abandon Racing
Q/A featuring with one of our ChumpCar teams


How did you get in to ChumpCar racing?

I got into ChumpCar racing by accident, I had done another series, and was looking for more driving, and less circus. So I searched the web and found ChumpCar. I read all about it and signed up. Back in the beginning, when "Chump" first started, things were a bit different. I met Mike & John at our first race in Rockingham, I liked how things were done, I liked how there was more input from drivers, more respect for the drivers, and I felt that I was a valued customer. 


What do you think your team's greatest strength is?

 Our team's biggest strength is hard to single out, we have a diverse mix of talent..... we have very skilled mechanic's and very skilled drivers, we all work well together, and above all have a great time,  Maybe our biggest strength is that we don't take things too seriously.


What has been your best experience with ChumpCar? 

Our best experience with ChumpCar, hmmm, probably the first VIR race, we met a ton of new people, and got to race on a world class track for the first time. But, honestly, all our experiences with ChumpCar have been the best. 


If you were king of ChumpCar for a day, what would you do differently?

 If I were king of ChumpCar for a day..... that's a scary thought.... however, I would have a break 1/2 way through the race, and let everyone take there wife/ kid/ significant other/ friend/ ect, for a ride in their car, maybe a 5-10 lap experience at slower than race speed.(hey--you asked) Other than that, I think it's pretty well managed the way it is. 


Anything you want to say to all the Chumps and would be Chumps out there?

Words of wisdom:  1) For the new folks: build a car, and come out and race, don't expect to win the first one, you'll have a blast. 2) For existing "Chumps" or drivers considering trying the series-- Don't take things too seriously, it's not an exact science. Find out if this is what makes you happy, if it does welcome-- if not, there are literally hundreds of other formats to suit your taste. One of the key elements of ChumpCar is the fact that we don't have a 1000 page rulebook, it's a common sense series. 


Visit ChumpCar &
Meet Your Fellow Chumps Here


We'll be participating in Infineon Raceway's NASCAR Day in Concord, CA on Thurs 5/31 at 4pm - 8pm.  We'll have a ChumpCar booth as well as a couple chump cars in a race car parade.  Come join us in the fun!

ChumpCar Sponsers and Partners: Thank You!

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