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Get Ready for Winter... Car Covers Direct

If you have been looking for a car cover, but have had a hard time choosing a material, you are not alone. There are many covers on the market, made by tons of different manufacturers, in countless material options. We only offer covers by one manufacturer, Covercraft. Their line of covers alone includes 13 different material options!

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If you are looking for a cover to offer protection from winter weather elements, you have a few options. Among the best of those options from Covercraft are going to be the Noah and Weathershield HP materials.


Noah is one of the most popular car cover materials around. Itís a thick, 4 layer material which offers great protection against dents, dings, dust and dirt. When it comes to wintry weather, Noah is a great choice. This fabric is made specifically for an area which gets a lot of cold wet weather, like rain and snow. Noah is made by Kimberly Clark, is gray in color, and has a 5 year warranty.

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Weathershield HP is the best material available for water repellency. The fibers on this fabric are encapsulated, meaning moisture is allowed to easily run off without being absorbed into the fibers. Weathershield HP is an excellent material for winter storage, and itís also the lightest weight cover we offer. HP has a 4 year warranty and comes in 8 color options.


If you need a cold weather car cover, and you would like some help choosing your cover, feel free to give us a call! We are located in South Carolina, but that doesnít mean we donít know winter weather!

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