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Lola Champ Cars For Sale...

Two Lola Champ cars model years 2000-2002. These are fairly complete rolling chassis.

What is needed to make them runners are engines, turbos, fuel pumps, shocks and data systems.

These cars were driven by Mario Dominguez, Ryan Hunter-Reay, Dan Clarke, Robert Doornbos, Nelson Phillipe and others.

We also have access to several other Lola’s


There is a substantial amount of spares available. Spare tubs, under wings, bodywork, headers, suspension, brakes and more.

Spares package can be purchased separately.

PRG can provide the necessary prep services to prepare these cars to the customers specification.

Asking price is $40,000 each


Panoz DP01

Panoz Dp01 are still available, Call or email PRG to inquire about pricing and spare parts.


Dallara IRL car

With the conclusion of the 2011 Indy car season, there are many Dallara’s available. 

Our racing services include:

Complete car rebuilds, including inspection, repair or replace vehicle components, body work repairs and painting.

Complete between race maintenance, inspection, needed repairs done, routine services, chassis setup and gear changes performed.

All expertly done to insure safe, reliable and trouble free performance for all track activities.

Transportation to and from race venues

Track support services from experienced racing professionals.

Shock and transmission repair services.

Data acquisition services


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