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Mustang and Classic Ford Club and the The Make a Wish Foundation of Southern Nevada

Hey Everybody..This is something we could all help with!! Anybody interested call Larry Gareffa at the number below or give Jim Matthews a call at 702-987-3226




Mustang and Classic Ford Club of Las Vegas Members:

Recently, The Make a Wish Foundation of Southern Nevada had contacted Larry regarding a young lady named Vanessa who attends Centennial High School. She is 17 years old and has recently acquired a 1968 Mustang with a six cylinder. Vanessa also has been diagnosed with a rare heart condition, which may require a heart transplant. Recently, Larry, the Executive Director of the Southern Nevada Make a Wish Foundation, her staff, Vanessa and her family met at our facility to look over her 1968 coupe. She is a young lady who loves cars, and especially classic 60-70's cars.

Vegassstang, sponsors many events for the club, is an active member and provides service and discounts to it's membership. We do whatever we can to help and assist the membership in an ongoing effort. In conjunction with the Club and the Make a Wish Foundation, we will be restoring Vanessa's 1968 Mustang, including rust removal, replacement parts, prep, paint, trim, full interior and perhaps some other nice surprises for her. Our Goal is to have her car completed in 60-75 days...or sooner, it was dropped off here on Saturday the 21 of January. We will begin the process of planning and disassembly immediately.

If you would like to contribute in any way toward making this young lady's wish come true, this is truly a blessing to be able to do for others. Your contributions whatever they may be will be greatly appreciated, and will come with the reward of seeing this young lady's face when she comes to pick up her car. You are all welcome to offer your help, in any way you see fit. Please contact me directly if you think you have time to work on it with us, or contact Larry Gareffa (702-374-3094) if you would like to make cash contributions towards it as well.

This is truly a wonderful and fulfilling opportunity for the Club and Vegassstang.

Thank you,

Dan Wicks,702-558-7049 (Shop) 702-332-7821 (Cell)


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