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Popular Modifications for Modern Muscle Cars

When it comes to classic and modern muscle cars, keeping it stock is always an attractive option for many enthusiasts. While a stock ride always has its aesthetic appeal (and it`s also the best way to keep the values high), many collectors choose to modify their custom cars in a variety of ways. This includes giving their near-stock classic that extra kick to going all the way with a bevy of body, engine and suspension mods, turning these cars from merely amazing to absolutely extraordinary.

Exhaust Systems

Aftermarket exhaust systems are an extraordinarily popular addition to most muscle cars. While the average OEM exhaust system is designed to be relatively quiet and restrictive, something like a cat-back performance exhaust system actually adds horsepower by channeling exhaust gases down a less restrictive path. Not only can having the right exhaust system setup help to give your muscle car more power, but it also helps to give your ride a burly, quintessential muscle car sound.

Air Intakes

Most vehicles feature stock intakes, which are restricted from the start, usually for emissions or fuel economy. By replacing the stock intake with a less restrictive, higher flowing component, you can direct a greater volume of air into the combustion chamber for greater efficiency and more power.

Superchargers & Turbochargers

Bolt-on power has always been a popular choice for enthusiasts looking to squeeze extra power out of their engines without a whole lot of work. Adding a Roots-style supercharger to just about any muscle car`s V8 engine insures that, with the right amount of tuning and tweaking, it will put down as long a strip of rubber as you like. A towering supercharger and air intake combo also creates the iconic muscle car image many people are familiar with.

Performance Chips

The muscle cars of yesterday were a purely mechanical affair, with carburetors and distributors to deal with when it came to power tweaks. Today`s muscle cars now have more than their fair share of electronic components that govern virtually every aspect of an engine`s performance. Plug-in performance chips are a popular way for modern muscle car fans to literally plug in additional performance. These modules connect to the engine control module (ECM), allowing you to set up a wide range of custom performance parameters, from shift points and rev limits to fuel/air ratios and much more.

Engine Swaps

Your 1967 Camaro may have come originally equipped with a plain-Jane six-cylinder engine, but thanks to the plethora of aftermarket engine options, you can easily change that six to a mean 396 cubic-inch small block eight or even a 427 big block with plenty of horsepower to spare. Chevy Performance, Ford Racing and Mopar and others feature a vast array of small block, big block and modern engines for just about any need, from replacing a 289 V8 that`s seen better days to building the ultimate muscle machine for the street or track.

With the performance gains and the street cred they offer, it`s little wonder these five modifications are among the most popular for both modern and classic muscle car fans. For further research, has plenty of other creative ideas when it comes to the latest car modifications.

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