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The New Volkswagen Golf MkVI - Supercharged, Turbocharged and Ready to Roll
By Pete J Ridgard

 It is almost impossible to imagine the world without certain things in it. Try to imagine a world when the Rolling Stones arenít embarking on another world tour despite having the combined age of the Methuselah Tree, or a year without a Simon Cowell produced talent show on television. Itís impossible isnít it?
Certain objects/people/events are ingrained on our national conscience and if you were to take them away, everything would just seemÖwellÖstrange I guess.
This is exactly how I feel about the Volkswagen Golf.I have a long history with the VW Golf, as my Grandfather owned one in my formative years and ferried me and my brother around  quite a lot. I have very fond memories of this car which have remained with me right into my adulthood.
On the surface though, the VW Golf isnít exactly breathtaking, itís boxy, cumbersome and not to mention quite a bit more expensive than most of its competition. So exactly where the does this abiding love affair with the VW Golf stem from and how has it endured for so long?

 It was over 35 years ago when the Volkswagen Golf first made its appearance and it has been a consistently popular seller ever since. The evolution of the VW Golf has been a joy to witness over the decades, as the car has gone from looking like it was designed by an artistically-challenged child, to the sleek, rounded and aesthetically pleasing models we see today. Its popularity stems from its honesty and it reserve; two traits the British public seem to lap up in their people and consumer products. The VW Golf doesnít try to be flashy, or gimmick-ridden, but it does everything itís supposed to with elegance and panache. Considering it is a German car, it is very British.  

The Brand New Volkswagen Golf Mark VI comes with a choice of four petrol engines and three diesel engines. My personal pick of the bunch is the twin-charged 1.4Litre Petrol which produces 160Bhp which is phenomenal for a car of this size. Driving this car is unlike the experience of the previous model Golf (the Mark V), as it adds an element that its predecessor was lacking slightly; excitement. Other than the GTi models, the Golf has never been considered an exciting drive. It has been described as safe, comfortable, economic and ecological but never exciting. The supercharged and turbocharged 1.4 litre engine feels raw, edgy and above all, powerful.  All of a sudden the VW Golf seems al lot less British after all.  
Essentially, the Volkswagen Golf Mk VI has retained everything that the consuming public loved about the car since its initial inception, but they have been treated to a few added extras now. The Golf is still safe, comfortable, economical and ecological, but now it has the capability to force your head back into the headrest and leave you with a silly schoolboy grin on your face. Although the Golf has evolved into the consummate city car, if you take the new Golf out onto country lanes, you will see why I can say with confidence that this is the most impressive the Golf has ever been.  Pete J Ridgard is a writer and a car enthusiast. He currently writes and reviews for the automotive industry. Here he discusses the Volkswagen Golf Mk VIVW Golf MK4

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