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Time to winterize your machines folks.

Those of us that live in sunny California don't worry much about winterizing our motorcycles. SoCal is a great place to ride motorcycles because of the many scenic roads and fantastic weather. Most of the state has riding weather that lasts all year long. Gotta love it.

Now, for those of you living in the "normal" parts of the country, you are starting to see the leaves turn colors and feeling the temperatures drop. As the winter season works its way into your psyche, it's time to think about how to care for your bike during the long winter months. You should also give some thought to whether or not you should keep your motorcycle fully insured during your "non-riding" months. Let's review some key winterizing steps and discuss the insurance angle.


Basic mechanical prep for winter storage

1. Wash your bike thoroughly and remove all road grit. Wax key areas and polish the chrome.
2. Change your oil and lubricate all key moving parts.
3. Change and top off all fluids including, brake, clutch and anti-freeze if liquid cooled.
4. Add a fuel stabilizer to the gas tank and fill up the tank completely.
5. If your bike has a carburetor, you'll want to drain it to remove any deposits.
6. Remove the plugs and squirt some oil onto the cylinders. Turn over the cylinders to lubricate them.
7. Double-check the drive train and adjust it as necessary.
8. Double check tire pressures.
9. Keep critters out of your exhaust pipe by stuffing a rag in the opening.
10. Place the bike on a good bike stand to keep the weight off the tires.

Your Battery

1. Remove and store the battery.
2. Clean the battery terminals and wires around the battery frame casing.
3.Connect the battery to a quality battery charger like those manufactured by CTEK. The CTEK battery chargers are by far the best in the world from all we've seen around here. Check them out at

Hey Blog Friends, proper winter storage will go a long way to keeping your bike running smooth for years.

What about my motorcycle insurance during the winter months?

The potential for physical damage to your bike, while less likely when stored properly, can still occur. Maintaining comprehensive coverage is also really important. Anything can happen to damage your bike and we've seen it all. For example, a contractor doing work in a client's garage decided to sit on one of the custom bikes during his lunch break and caused the bike to topple over damaging the gas tank and paint on the frame. $1,500 damage. A hot water heater malfunctioned in the garage burning down the house, including the bike stored in the garage. Total loss $12,000. Vandals broke into a storage unit and damaged one customer's bike. $6,000 in damages. It can happen folks.

Ride safe out there and remember, you are not just a policy number with us. We care about our customers.

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