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Important Money Saving Service for Your Business

Dear MCOA Readers,
I normally do not endorse one company over the other as a matter of good business practice. However, in this case I am making an exception.
We switched to Aviation Merchant Services several months ago.They offered lower discount rates and fees and promised to save us money (haven't we all heard that before) In the last six months they have saved us more than $2600.00 in fees compared to the same time last year.We used the rates we paid last year and compared them to the rates we pay with Aviation Merchant Services and got the surprise of our life. We are not a large company doing millions of dollars a year so when we discovered that we had truly saved over $2500.00 that neans a lot to us. Its savings like this that allows us to re-invest in the business and help it grow. In these economic times its refreshing to be treated with the respect and attention we all desire when contracting with any company for their products and services.
Mark Ritchey is an honest and straight forward merchant that will give you the facts on what he can and cannot do for you. Please, I urge you to give him a call. His number is 770-377-2304. By the way this is not a solicited "ATTA BOY" from Aviation Merchant Services. I felt that after experiencing the results that he delivered the rest of our Automotive Brotherhood should know about them.If you wish to speak to me personally my Direct Toll Free Line is 877-693-2275.

Jim Matthews
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