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A Different Kind of Custom: 3 Awesome Frankenstein Cars

All car lovers are searching for that special something.  Whether it be a classic 1967 Mustang Shelby GT 500E, a sexy new Lamborghini Aventador, or Mitsubishi Evo filled with seemingly endless modd possibilites.  But there are other options aside from classic, luxury, and modded cars; they’re what I like to call Frankenstein cars, but the more common description is, “converted” or “swapped” cars.  Below are some awesome Frankenstein cars that will make you salivate.

Mazda Rx7/Corvette LSX Conversion

This Frankenstein car combines the body of a 1986 Mazda Rx7 with the 5.7 liter V8 Corvette LSX engine.  The Rx7 is a car known in the car community for being versatile in regard to engine swapping; other engine types have also been known to be swapped into the Mazda.  Each engine swap is different in the sense that certain mods and engines result in faster speed capabilities than others.  Once fully built, the car in the picture on the left will result in a 550 horsepower speed demon; the builder/driver fully expects the car to go sideways with the slightest touch of the gas pedal.  This car isn’t just about speed; it’s about a totally custom car and the utilization of advanced driving skills.  Of course, it’s also about the element of surprise; who would expect an engine of that magnitude to be in an Rx7?

Saab 93 Wagon/Viper V10 Conversion

This Frankenstein car combines a Saab 93 wagon body with a 8.4 liter V10 Dodge Viper SRT10 engine.  Zaccho Pelle, the car’s young Finnish creator, deemed this conversion the “93 SRT10 MegaPower;” properly named as this Saab wagon has 600 horses in it.  This car doesn’t play games; it moves… and it moves fast.

1967 Chevrolet Corvair/Jaguar V12 Conversion

Different from the  first two in that this car isn’t magnificently fast, this Frankenstein car is interesting as it combines a 1967 Chevrolet Corvair body with a Jaguar V12 engine.  The result?  A rear to front engine conversion car with approximately 370 horsepower.  The project wasn’t simple; it took the car’s creator, engineer Jay Eitel, about 3 years.  He decided to start this project because he liked how his 1967 Corvair looked, but wanted something different in terms of performance.  The car was honored at the Advanced Engine Technology Conference. 

Amber Paley is a writer who has devoted her life to educating the public about the problems of elder abuse in the United States.  As a hobby, however, Amber is interested in cars with serious speed.  Though she does guest posts regularly, she also spends much of her time writing about elder abuse in nursing homes for her website.


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