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Have you ever been driving down the road and suddenly find that you can hardly hold your eyes open? If so, it seems that you are not alone. A recent study reports that 1 in 24 people admit to driving sleepy. Personally, I think that number is much higher, so I took a poll of all the workers in our office. All of the ladies in our office have been drowsy drivers at some point.

The main reason is obviousónot enough sleep. Reasons range from having to wake up to tend to a baby, to sleep apnea, all the way to simple stress. An estimated 3% of fatal crashes involve sleepy drivers and that estimate is said to be low. Just nodding off for a second can be hazardous.

If you find yourself feeling tired, drifting from side to side, or not recalling the last few miles, you should find someplace safe to rest. Drowsy driving can be prevented by allowing yourself an ample amount of rest each night, avoiding alcoholic beverages before driving, and making sure any health conditions (such as sleep apnea) are treated. Stay safe!

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