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Welcome to the February 2014 edition of the newsletter!

To start off this month, we have a great article from our good friends at about the First 2015 Ford Mustang GT Selling for $300K at Barrett-Jackson. Click on the first link below to read all about it!
Also in this month's newsletter we've collected a series of great threads for our community, including pics of a trip to the track, a discussion about a start replacement, and a comparison between superchargers. After you've read all that, don't forget to click on the image to the right to head to to check out their list of the Top 10 New Vehicles with the Worst Value.

Enjoy this month's newsletter and remember to drive safely out there!

-Your Staff

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First 2015 Ford Mustang GT Sells for $300K at Barrett-Jackson
The first production 2015 Ford Mustang GT has netted $300,000 at the Scottsdale Barrett-Jackson auction in Arizona.
14 Cobra jet 1st track day !!
Well got her to the track today and made 3 passes. There are three tunes that come on the flasher. The tune in the car is what they call 50% the other 2 are 62% and 89% the last one being the most aggressive. We can only run the 50% because we do not have the chip that makes the flasher operational. With that said 1st pass 9.82 @ 135.
2nd pass 10.50 @ 136 with the tires blown up at launch.
3rd pass 9.35 @ 145 !!!! Car is very fast and tracks perfectly !! Well done Ford !!!
Here are some pics I will post a video if I ever figure out how to.
1966 mustang 289 - Starter replacement
Hi guys,
After a few freezing weeks in Toronto I wanted to start my mustang, at first it turned on after a few attempts and a ranting metal noice…all good. Then I turned it off and try again…same noise and this time is not starting. I don’t think the problem is the starter solenoid; I have had problems before with it and the clicking noise if different. This is time is a ranting metal noise, the vent turns but not too much and the battery is fine; so I think my old starter is giving up on me.
Opened up my MT82 this weekend.
I was one of the ones defending the MT82 in my Mustang. Mine shifted great. Then after 70k miles, I lost third gear. It just disappeared. Not wanting to pay 2500+ for a new transmission that could have it's own issues, I decided to tear it apart and find what was wrong. It was a PITA. Needed a bunch of Ford pullers and other tools to get everything apart. Bought the 20 ton press from harbor freight to help($150 with a coupon, sweet deal). I'll probably have 600 bucks in the repair including all the tools.
roots supercharger or centrifugal supercharger
Thinking of supercharging my 2011 5.0 mustang anyone have any recomendations on what to use and what not to use
1965 Mustang Coupe Paint Job Question
Hey all,

I want to repaint my 65 coupe. It doesn't have any rust and the bodywork would probably be minimum, and the car was repainted by the previous owner some time ago, but its time to repaint it for sure. Its black with red/burgundy stripes, and a fiberglass Shelby style trunk, and a metal/fiberglass eleanor style hood. I would like to do the same color (black) and same stripe setup (red/burgundy). I am unsure what the cost could be so I'm trying to get an idea before I start taking the car to different paint shops.
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