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An Early Monte O Dís After Undercarriage Treatment

An Early Monte O Dís After Undercarriage Treatment


FB Performance has just completed another successful installation of one of its many high performance Overdrive transmissions.  Their customer Bill B. owns a fully restored 1971 Monte Carlo that recently sold for $80K.  This sweet Pro Street Touring car has a 600hp Ė 427 Big Block, but with only a 3-speed transmission and a 4:10 rear axle ratio the engine was screaming at 3450 rpm at 65 mph. Bill wanted FB to build and install an Overdrive unit that would handle the power and still shift automatically. 



So FB once again recommended the Big Block version of its High performance 200 4R  transmission.  Itís built to handle a lot of torque and was supplied with the Cast Alum. Deep pan and set up with a custom built converter.  Bill is now thrilled that he can cruise at the same speed with an engine thatís turning only 2440 rpm.  He says he can actually hear the radio again!


Some might not realize that this is the same transmission that was used by GM in the mid to late 80ís in the Monte Carlo and Grand National.  Not only does it have a nice OD ratio (.71), it also has a taller 1st gear ratio (2.75) which means that it offers a 10% increase in the 1st gear ratio over a Turbo350 transmission.  Itís also the same length as a TH350 which eliminates the need to make any changes to the driveshaft.

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