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Be Cool New Product Announcement



            Essexville, MI--By customer demand Be Cool has expanded their industry proven product line with their NEW Be Cool OE Series radiator that combines a modern aluminum core design with Factory Finish, and correct appearing Ribbed Factory Tank design of a stock OEM copper/brass/lead unit. They even feature GM-Style mounting flanges and OEM-style stamped filler neck. Downflow models receive GM style side panels.


            Now, 1955-57 Chevrolets, 1968-72 GM A-bodies, 1967-69 Camaros, or 1955-72 Corvettes can still look original but they wont overheat with a new Be Cool OE Series Radiator. Not only will your new radiator look stock, it won’t leak. More than a dozen models cover most GM stick and automatic applications.


            These new Be Cool OE Series Aluminum radiators feature an OE black finish and come with a new factory OE replacement radiator cap where applicable. Four rubber mounting saddles are included for GM A-body applications while rubber grommets are included for pin-mounted Corvette radiators. Automatic transmission versions feature transmission cooling line fittings in the original thread size and location.


            The Be Cool OE aluminum radiators are being introduced at exactly the right time. In addition to being inefficient, copper/brass/lead OE radiators are now very fragile due to their age while the ability to have then repaired diminishes each day as old fashioned repair becomes a dying art. Like every other Be Cool product, these new Be Cool radiators are made in the USA. Like all Be Cool radiators, the new Be Cool OE series includes a free one-year warranty that is doubled to two years with the use of Be Coolant Super Duty Antifreeze.

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805 479 6021   
San Clemente, CA 92672





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