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BMW i8 introduces Laser Based Headlight to the World

The i8 sports car by BMW is definitely going to catch a lot of attention in the year 2014, being ranked as the most astonishing cars to be introduced and is built out of the latest in automobile technology. This 3-cylinder based turbocharged engine has a 1.5 liter carrying capacity and its unique styling and part-electric drivetrain. Apart from this, also uses laser headlights, which is first of its kind as a production car.

BMW i8 Concept Car

The BMW i8 Concept has taken the automobile industry by surprise


The importance of headlights in any car is so obvious that their existence is almost negligible. Nevertheless, the growth in automobile technology like the safety aspect and the built-in infotainment in cars have revolutionized their progress in the last decade, much more than the progress in the earlier century.

The present-day automakers are involved in using the LED technology that implements intense ‘white’ lights and beam patterns (adaptive). BMW headlights have moved one step forward with laser technology.


These lights maintain the aesthetic sense partly while incorporating intrinsic designs and essential laser units so tiny in shape that they create loads of space beneath the hood.



The efficiency of this auto part is also an important point of focus, especially as it uses electric drivetrain. The energy drawn is extremely low as it extracts low power for propulsion and lighting through the battery.

Light and Beam Output:

However, the biggest profit of this latest technological advancement is concerned with the beam pattern and light output, according one of the leading magazines. It does not imply that the laser technology based headlights will blind the other approaching vehicles. On the contrary, the beam pattern used by these laser lights make way for an improved adaptive light based technology.

Audi Attempt:

The 2011 Audi A2 introduced the electric car concept which displayed this type of lighting technology in the Frankfurt Auto Show (the same year). In it, the car also exhibited a projection of warning triangle on the road at the back of the car with the help of laser light technology.

On-Road Advantages:

To measure the on-road advantages include featuring precise beam patterns along with light range of 600m, which is huge and double the length of the existing headlights. The intensity of the light is high with monochromatic-laser emitted in a single wavelength, instead of the entire color spectrum of normal light. Consequently, the lights exhibit high efficiency and a distinct design which is ideal for cars like the BMW i8 and the Audi R 18 e-tron quattro, a hybrid racing car that runs on diesel.

The first brand to use the LED headlights successfully was Audi at the Le Mans with night-time retina searing vision. It will also be the first company to run a race team with laser headlights. You may never know how the BMW i8 and its laser technology will find a place at the Le Mans with highlighted aesthetics, efficiency and vision.


Thus, this new step in laser lights for vehicles will not only improve the way you drive on the road but also marks how technology continues to integrate with our daily lives.

Author’s Bio: Eva Jenny has been authoring articles on the subject of automobiles. She regularly contributes articles on various automobile related topics like the latest BMW Headlights and the like.



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