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Can All Rack & Pinion Kits Really be Alike?

We take this question seriously as we believe you do. Looking for the right kit can be confusing. A kit that is complete, well designed and from a company that backs up their product with a solid warranty and real technical support. This is especially true if manufacturers make bold, unsubstantiated claims. We will look at what should be considered before you spend your hard earned money for a kit.

Is This Kit Really Bolt On?

What does that mean anyway? We pioneered bolt on rack and pinion kits over twelve years ago, so an average person could get under the car and bolt it on without fooling around. On our first design, which was for the Gen 1 Camaro, our design goals in engineering our rack and pinion kit were simple:

1) The kit must be able to be installed by someone with beginner to average mechanical skills.

2) No hacking up, sawing, or welding on a classic car frame or components.

3) All of the parts are included in the kit to do a complete install on a car with factory power steering.

The reasons for this were simple; we wanted people to buy our kit and install it themselves. We also believed that like us, most people did not want to start sawing away frame and suspension members on a frame that was vintage and valuable. Finally, we had enough bad experiences with "all inclusive" kits that had you scrambling to the parts store to buy what the manufacturer should have provided, or worse, buying a shell of a product that needs a host of little assembly kits (which they are happy to provide) that add cost which the manufacturer hid while trying to sell people on the lowest price. We call it dishonesty; some call it a "marketing strategy".

To Bump Steer or Not to Bump Steer.

Here is a question you will see bantered around all of the time on forums by people who frankly don't know bump steer from bum steer. At SpeedDirect we are suspension engineers, and as a famous person once said, "words mean things". Bump steering is a nasty little habit that many cars have right from the factory, and it doesn't get better as you lower your car or do other mods to the suspension. It can be a real thrill when you hit a bump in a car with poor bump steer response while right at the limit of traction in a hot corner! We understand it, we engineer our kits so you can adjust it and it is a major differentiator between a Steeroids rack and pinion conversion kit and our competitors. (Even those that stole our design but offer non-adjustable tie rod ends!) If the kit is not adjustable for bump steer it is not a complete kit. There is no such thing as a kit design that "accommodates bump steer" with out a way of adjusting it. If a company claims their kit does they are either not being truthful or maybe worse they are ignorant.

If you are shopping for the right kit, the one that is easy to install, designed to fit, adjustable for bump steer and is supported by knowledgeable technical staff to help if needed, then consider a Steeroids. Thousands of classic owners have. We challenge any shopper to see what owners have said on the many forums where our product is discussed. You may want to visit our customer comment page 


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