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Cen-Tex Plating Offers a Variety of Services.....

We are a small family owned family run Austin original business. Cen-Tex Plating has been serving the Austin, Central Texas, San Antonio and Corpus Christie areas since 1960. Cen-Tex Plating offers a variety of services from custom chrome plating and metal polishing to rubber bumper repair and bumper recycling. We now offer classic bumper sales and restoration with many makes and models to choose from. And donít forget Cen-Tex is also your headquarters for all your truck accessory needs.

Cen-Tex Plating Co. was started in 1960 by Clifford Brown to bring quality recycled bumpers to the people of Austin Texas. Over the years we have expanded our services to chrome plating, truck accessories and now classic bumper sales. We have remained a family owned family operated business and strive to provide excellent service to each and every customer. We value and appreciate ever customer and customer service and quality are our top priority.

Services Offered
At Cen-Tex Plating we offer many services for our customer below are just a few call or email us for pricing.

Chrome Plating-
At Cen-Tex Plating we have been chrome plating and metal polishing for over 45 years. We offer triple plate chrome plating as well as copper and nickle plating. We also offer metal polishing for brass, copper, stainless steel and aluminum. We strive to be the best so when you are adding that last piece of chrome on your project youll never have a second thought on whether or not you chose the right chrome shop to handle your classic and antique parts.

Bumper Repair / Recycling-
At Cen-Tex Plating we offer a affordable way to repair damaged rubber or plastic bumpers often $100's of dollars cheaper than an aftermarket bumpers dealers use. With the exchange of your bumper you will get a --% discount and most often times we can have the bumper ready before you even come in for the bumper exchange making it one less thing you'll have to worry about

Classic Bumpers -
At Cen-Tex plating we understand how difficult it can be for the classic car enthusiast to find that original bumper that they need to finish that project; well good news! We now have several original classic bumpers for sale from the 60's 70's and 80's from Buick, Pontiac, Chevrolet, AMC, Plymouth, Chrysler, Ford, Mercury, Lincoln, Dodge, Cadillac, Oldsmobile, Dodge, as well as some import brands and we are getting more in stock every day.

Chrome Plating
At Cen-Tex Plating we use a triple plating method. This does not mean you will have three coats of chrome on your piece but itís a way to describe the method in which we plate all of our products.

The first step in the triple chrome method consists of straightening and fixing all blemishes on your piece.
We then grind out all imperfections using a three part method; the first part consists of using a belt sander (for heavier steal and classic bumpers)
 then we use two different grades of emery wheel sanding making the blemishes less and less noticeable till they are gone or almost unnoticeable depending on the condition of the piece that is going to be chromed.

We then use a degreasing agent and an acid base to clean your product so no flaws or blemishes show up during or after plating.

The second step is the beginning of the actual plating process; we start with a coat of copper plating this fills in most pot marks and scratches and makes a good medium for additional layers of plating.

The third step of the plating process is to clean any residue off your bumper or part. We do this after each different plating process (i.e. nickel, chrome).

The fourth step is to place the product into a nickel bath. Nickel is the actual part of the plating process that turns your dull piece into a gleaming star. We rinse the product again then dip it into our chrome bath which adds a protective glossy coat on top of the nickel giving your product a bright shine with a slightly blue hue to it.

Finally we rinse your piece one more time then dry and wrap it in a plastic/paper wrapper which will protect your piece or pieces while they wait for you at our shop.
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