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Dress Up Your Wheels with Caliper Covers...No Paint

MGP Caliper Covers
is a simple bolt-on accessory that is an easier and more appealing alternative than painting, as the covers add color and style to the vehicle. Additional benefits include caliper heat dissipation and substantial reduction of brake dust. Please visit the website for vehicle application list, photos, installation videos, and much more.

Caliper Paint vs Caliper Covers


Which is the most cost effective method?



Considerations to Caliper Paint


  • The G2 caliper paint kit and Duplicolor caliper paint kit can and a few others range approximately from $39.95 to $69.95
    Caliper paint services average $150
  • Approximately 8 hr project 3 hrs to the touch, requires multiple coats (3 to 5) and best if you can leave the car on all four jack stands for 24 hrs.
  • Tools needed: 4 jack stands, floor jack, lug wrench, wire brush, cleaning product, paint brush, masking tape, masking material
  • Annual event
  • Unattractive as the paint peels throughout the year
  • The caliper is painted, but not designed to have an appealing look on a vehicle


Over a 4 year period:

Average DYI cost total: $200

Average DYI time needed: 32 hours

Average Paint Services Cost: $600


v  Powder coating your calipers is approx $240-$400, this will require you to take the caliper off the car for delivery to the paint facility and the caliper will need to be completely gutted and cleaned.


Considerations for Covers


  • One time purchase of $200
  • Powder coated paint, tig welded, aerospace aluminum, built to last  for years
  • 30 minute easy installation
  • Tools needed: floor jack, lug wrench, 3/8 wrench
  • Reduces brake dust, therefore continually reduces your cost of wheel cleaning supplies
  • Increases style of car with a big brake look
  • Easily removable for brake service
  • Reduces heat on calipers which reduces brake fade


Over a 4 year period:

Total cost: $200

Total time needed: 30 minutes


Questions to consider

How much is your time worth?

What is your long term cost?

How important is it to you to have a better look for less money?

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