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Females Dominate All American Speedway


All American Speedway
Source — All American Speedway PR
Date Posted — May 02, 2012

ROSEVILLE, California — All American Speedway hosted round three of the weekly NASCAR racing Saturday night providing family entertainment with great on track action featuring Late Models, Street Stocks and Bombers. Saturday night the track made history as two females in the Late Model division showed dominance. Shannon Mansch made her debut to the series with a fast car out of the box and Female Rookie Contender Mindy McCord claimed her first ever win in a Late Model in just three starts. Fans made their way back to the speedway to witness more of the great racing excitement AAS has become accustomed to offering. The three primary divisions put on an exciting show for all of AAS supporters and fans.

First up on the agenda was the Street Stock Division fielding 18 cars and No.08 Jarred Beddow putting his ride on the top of the charts in qualifying with a fast time of 14.945 seconds. No. 52 Matt Camp nearly missed pole position by .066 seconds. Followed by No. 23 Richard Poppert, No. 22 Mark Blanton and No. 57 Eric Price the fast five. No. 21 Kevin Owens and No. 86 Dave Silva each shared a pair of heat race victories and No.98 Byron Gonzales took home the trophy dash win. 35 laps were on tap for the division with a drawn invert of seven putting Owens and No. 33 Mike Gorman on the front row. The green flag dropped and the leaders hadn’t made it to the start finish line and an immediate red flag was thrown. Gorman who started off pole bounced off the front stretch wall sending him across the racing line missing the leader and collecting Jarred Beddow, Lonnie Leonard, Richard Poppert Jr and Mel Wilson before turn one. Owens, Leonard and Wilson’s cars had little to no damage, however tough luck for Poppert JR as he had severe nose damage. AAS officials quickly cleaned the track and removed any debris from the racing line and racing was under way. A complete restart was made as the division never completed a lap before the red flag was thrown. Owens led the way on the restart with an early lead. On lap one, positions third to seventh were all side by side battling for positions. On lap two, Byron Gonzales and Silva raced side by side for sixth for a lap until Gonzales completed the pass. By lap four Owens had a two car length on Camp as Camp also had two car lengths on third. On lap seven the leaders caught up to lapped traffic to add more distance between them and the rest of the field. On lap ten, Beddow went to the outside of Camp and the two battled for second side by side for a full lap, however Beddow couldn’t power past Camp. By lap 15, the top three cars were all nose to tail eager for the top spot. On lap 21, Beddow made his second attempt on Camp and completed the pass for second. As Beddow began his sights on the leader it didn’t take him long to eventually make a move on his teammate for the lead. A caution was thrown on lap 24 as No. 57 Eric Price’s brakes locked going into turn three sending him up the track and he had to be pushed off the track. On the restart, teammates Owens and Beddow raced side by side until Beddow powered out front for the lead. On lap 26, Gonzales and Poppert raced side by side for fifth until the two collided in turn four sending Gonzales spinning. Beddow went on to a .455 second victory over Owens followed by Matt Camp, Mark Blanton and Byron Gonzales the top five.

Up next was the Late Models fielding 11 cars and No. 35 Matt Scott put his orange machine to the top of the charts in qualifying with a fast time of 13.792 seconds nearly holding No. 5 Chris Scribner in second by .127seconds. Following Scott and Scribner were No. 84 Rookie Mindy McCord, No. 61 Shannon Mansch and Irwindale regular No. 71 Kyle McGrady the fast five. Both females, Mansch and McCord put on a great trophy dash show with Mansch grabbing the victory. A 75 lap main event was scheduled for the division with an invert of seven putting No. 50 Rookie Chris Lambert on pole to lead the field with clean air. No. 44 Ron Chunn had a good jump on the start to take the lead. McCord, McGrady and Mansch made it three wide on the start for third. On lap one, Scott, McGrady and Scribner made a nail biting three wide move in turn four for fifth as all three made it through safely. For the next four laps Mansch and Scribner put on exciting side by side racing action for fourth with Scribner completing the pass. In the meantime, Lambert was keeping up with Chunn and McCord was closing in on Lambert. On lap 10, McCord moved to the inside of Lambert and the two raced side by side for four laps with McCord moving to second. On lap 15, Scribner looked to the inside of Lambert for third but Lambert shut the door. Next lap the two were racing side by side for three laps as Scribner had the inside advantage to take over third. On lap 19, McCord was already on the rear bumper of the leader Chunn making Chunn nervous. McCord had put in multiple attempts of passing Chunn however he was able to power out of the turn hanging on the outside. It took McCord only six laps to figure out her passing line to beat Chunn for the lead. As soon as McCord took the lead she began to break away with a two car length lead over Chunn leaving him behind. On lap 32, Scribner began to close the gap between Chunn for second. On lap 36, Scott passed Mansch for fourth as the two battled for position. As laps wound down the field was spread out except for Lambert and McGrady putting on a fantastic show of racing until the end of the race. Mindy McCord went on to win her first Late Model victory and is the first female in two years to claim a victory at All American Speedway. Shannon Mansch was the last female to capture a Late Model victory as well as a championship in 2006 at AAS. Mansch stated that both she and McCord would have put on a great show however leaking fluids made her run loose in the main . Ron Chunn finished second with Chris Scribner third, Matt Scott fourth and Shannon Mansch fifth.

Ending the night was the Bomber division as 18 cars made up the field and No. x86 Jarred Beddow claimed fast time in qualifying with a time of 15.767 seconds. Following Beddow was No. 13 Luke Kaper, No. 37 David Thompson, No. 3 Chris Paulson and No. 77 Erick Ray the fast five. Both Ray and Paulson each shared a heat race victory and No. 22 Keith Hopkinson took home the trophy dash win. 35 laps were on tap for the main event with an invert of seven drawn putting Kenny Beaumont and Richard Perez leading the field to the green flag.. Perez on the outside had a great jump on the start to gain the lead. Ray, Beaumont and Paulson made it three wide going into turns one and all made it through safe. On lap three, the battle was for fourth as Beddow, Beaumont, Bocksberger, and Kaper were all side by side racing for position. By lap five, Perez had stretched his lead to five car lengths over second. Second, third, fourth and fifth were all nose to tail for second on lap six. Caution on lap seven when No. 71 Randy Hill spun into the turn four infield. Perez and Paulson led the field to the restart and No. 1 Jason Leonard got loose and rubbed a few cars but managed to power out of it. Perez and Paulson put on a good show racing for the lead as the two raced side by side for seven laps. On lap 14, Perez was still on the rear bumper of Paulson and was eager to get the lead back by trying to pass the No. 3 car but Paulson would shut the door on Perez.. On lap 22, Bocksberger got sideways in turn one and almost looped his machine but managed to muscle out of it and continue on. Chris Paulson went on to win his second Bomber victory for 2012 with a .582 second lead over Richard Perez. Erick Ray finished third, David Thompson fourth and Jarred Beddow fifth.

With round three in the books the night went smoothly and all the drivers enforced proper sound requirements. Racing at AAS resumes next weekend with the May Madness 200 lap West Coast Enduro as well as the Bombers and Street Stocks will be racing for their rain make up. More information about All American Speedway can be found at or on the Speedway’s Facebook page. The Placer County Fairgrounds administration office is open for advance ticket sales Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm at 800 All America City Blvd. Roseville, CA 95678, or contact the office at (916) 786-2025.

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