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Ford Mustang Is the Most Manly Car in the World, UK Survey Finds

If you live in a place like Great Britain, where the weather is depressing, people have bad teach and fish and chips is a national pastime, the best thing you can do if you’re going through a mid-life crisis is buy yourself the coolest car ever. 

But what should you buy with your had earned money? A Porsche would be good, but it’s not really that good at attracting the girls. The Ferrari 458 is too expensive, and an America pickup is too big to bit fit in your driveway. What you really want is one of ‘them’ muscle cars with a big V8 up front, soft leather seats and a cool name.

Bluebeards Revenge, which sounds like the sort of firm that would know a thing or two about manly stuff, has taken upon themselves to find out which is the most testosterone-infused car in the eyes of the UK’s drivers. The results are in, and we’re not surprised at all: it’s the Mustang!

A total of 21 percent of the people polled said it’s the “manliest car on the planet”. The list off other hairy-chested cars includes the Aston Martin DB7 (15%), Range Rover (13%), Dodge Viper (11%) and Hummer H1 (10%).

The people also voted on the least manly cars, which were the Volkswagen Beetle (31%), Mazda Miata / MX-5 (20%), Ford Ka (11%), Toyota Prius (9%) and Nissan Cube (8%).

“The Mustang is certainly what you would describe as a ‘real man's car’ and is a deserving winner of the title ‘world’s manliest car’. We would like to think that we stand for everything that is masculine in today’s society, which was why we set out to crown planet Earth’s most manly car,” said Bluebeards Revenge spokesperson Nick Gibbens.
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