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Hot Rod Power Tour Update

On the
HotRod Powertour

We’re hot on the HotRod Power Tour this year.  Our RV, 2010 Camaro, and 33 Ford are all traveling together across America to be a part of one of the most popular events in hot rodding today.  We joined the trail in Saint Louis on Tuesday and so far we’ve had no problems other than deciding on where to eat.  This year we’ve partnered with OPTIMA batteries to setup a small booth at each tour stop, which means don’t be afraid to chat with us if you are traveling along!

Most of the Power Tour will be smooth cruising for us, but that will all change when the tour stops at the OPTIMA Faceoff event on Friday.  This new event is a pre-qualifier for the OPTIMA Ultimate Streetcar Invitational that happens annually in the fall.  Since we’ve always  been a proud supporter of the series, we will be sponsoring the autocross and entering our new 1933 Ford in the race.  It should prove to be a great venue to test out the guns on our new streetrod.  If you won't be able to make it, don't fret, we'll be taking plenty of pictures.

Power Tour Update:
Bret Voelkel

Bret Voelkel, president of Ridetech, is out on the Power Tour this week and he just sent in this update live from the event!:

"I love the Hotrod power tour. That's an easy statement to make...doesn't everyone? I mean, if you didn't, you wouldn't be here, right?

Apparently hundreds more people decided they loved the power tour this year...the crowds are just off the hook...judging by the lines for food and bathrooms!

For me this years tour is a special 12 year old son Andy is doing the tour with me. He has done the tour before, a few days at a time with me, his mom, and his sister. This year, it's just the girls allowed! (none that he's related to anyhow:)   And were going all the way to Texas. While it's no secret that this is a big deal to him, I'm not sure he realizes how big a deal it is for me. My travel schedule sometimes intrudes on his time with me. If I accomplish absolutely nothing tangible this week, it will likely be the best weeks of my life to date. To see a 12 year old stand up straight, look someone in the eye, and firmly shake their hand when introduced...well, burn my cars, I don't really need them anymore!

Ok, about the tour...another bonus this week is we get to run the Optima Ultimate Streetcar Invitational on Friday at the power tour! That event includes an autocross on site at the tour and continues on Saturday at Eagle Canyon Raceway with the road course and speed-stop events. We brought our new 33 Ford for the tour and the race. Yes, were hauling it (done been called out over that). I've driven my share of overpowered/under creature comfort cars across the country. I'll take my motorhome, thank you! Were also driving our 2010 Camaro with our new coil over struts and shocks.  We'll be running both at the Optima event this weekend...should be fun!

Besides the ever-present heat, rain, crowds, traffic, and expensive food, I'm seeing a return to a bit younger crowd this year. For the past 3 years or so, it seemed like the only people who could afford to take off for the tour were older retired people. This year, plenty of younger families...a great sign!

I get the privilege of seeing a LOT of friends every year on the power tour. Doing the tour is a labor of won't find anyone less than the most dedicated and knowledgeable people staffing the manufacturers booths. You know they are true hotrodders...if they weren't you couldn't pay them enough to do this grind!
Enjoy some pictures from St. Louis and Miami, ok...I'll check in tomorrow with more useless news!
" - Bret

Check out HRPT pictures online

West Coast: Back from
GoodGuys Pleasanton

The GoodGuys Pleasanton show last weekend was nothing but sunshine and smiles.  We had our suspension analysis booth setup, products on display, and our new black Camaro out on the autocross.   This is the second time we’ve been in Pleasanton this year and we’ll be back for the third time in November, so don't forget to come see us then!

East Coast:
Back from NSRA York

While we had one Ridetech booth on the West Coast at Pleasanton, we had another booth on the East Coast at the same time attending the NSRA Nationals in York, Pennsylvania.  We also had a suspension analysis and weigh-in booth there too and it was packed all weekend long.  We ended up weighing around 100 cars making it one of the most popular shows we’ve been at this year.  Many participants were very grateful for the service and technical advice we provided.  Stay tuned as we post the weigh-in results on

Product Spotlight:
G-Body Suspension Packages

The new RideTech coil-over package for 78-88 G-bodies include everything you need to completely upgrade your bulky oem suspension. The package contains upper and lower control-arms for both the front and rear, coil-over shocks and springs for every corner of the vehicle, and new coilover conversion shock brackets. Each component is tailored to improved ride quality and performance while giving you the ability to adjust the car to your driving level. Best of all, the entire package is completely bolt-on, making this system a great choice for any level of builder.

  • Ridetech impact forged monotube shocks and Hyperco springs provide superior ride quality and are available in fixed valving, rebound adjustable valving, and triple adjustable valving
  • StrongArms are jig welded, powder-coated, and engineered to improve suspension geometry
  • Includes specially engineered brackets to convert rear suspension to Coilovers or ShockWaves
  • Simple bolt-on installation
Don’t settle for old technology… serious performance and ride quality CAN come in a box!  View this product online.
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