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How to Remove and Prevent Swirl Marks on a Black Car

If you are the owner of a black vehicle and you have noticed swirls on its surface, you may find yourself very frustrated.  In general, swirl marks on your car are indicative of mistakes made when cleaning, polishing or painting.  Because the edges of the swirls reflect light, theses marks can stand out dramatically in contrast to a black background.  Not only do swirls detract from the appearance of your car, making it look the opposite of shiny and new, but they also shorten the life of your carís paint job.  The good news is that with the correct maintenance you can remove these unsightly swirls and even prevent more from happening. 

How can I get rid of the swirl marks?  If the preparation is to blame for the swirl marks on your black car, you unfortunately will have to repaint the vehicle entirely.  If the swirl marks are a result of post-painting improper maintenance, however, there are steps you can take that have proven successful in removing/reducing them.  Hereís how itís done: 

Step #1:   Before getting started, it is best to work on a clean surface so that you donít rub any harmful elements into your carís paint.  Use your standard car cleaning soap and a professional rag to wash your car clean of any dirt, dust, gravel or other debris.  Rinse and pat dry with a cloth. 

Step #2:  Next, apply the automotive polish directly onto the swirled spots.  Use only a professional polishing mitt, polish applicator or buffer (you can find these at any automotive store) and never use a regular rag, towel or sponge as they are likely to create additional swirls and inflict more damage on your paint job.  Start buffing at a smooth and steady pace as you go over your carís paint job in small, circular motions with light pressure.  If you are using a power buffer, be cautious not to hold the buffer for too long in one place.  Keep polishing until you see a haze growing on the surface.

Step #3:  Use a clean cloth to wipe away the polishing haze.  Check the surface for stubborn swirl marks and repeat the buffering process again if needed. 

How can I prevent swirl marks?  To avoid more swirl marks from wreaking havoc on your black paint job, pay special attention to protecting it.  Here are a few tips:

Tip #1:  Because swirls on the paint are linked to dirt and debris rubbing into the paint, keep as much of those harmful particles away from your car as possible.  When you arenít using your car, be sure to keep it covered in a garage or with a good quality car cover. 

Tip #2:  Often times, swirls can appear on the surface of your car due to improper washing and waxing.  When you can, rather than using brushes or rags on your car that can gather dirt and rub it into your paint job, take your car to a facility that offers touch-less car cleaning.  Have your vehicle cleaned on a regular basis to avoid the build-up of dirt and debris.

Tip #3:  Use top quality wax.  The better the wax, the more protection it will provide for your car.  Be sure to select a wax that offers shine but isnít made up of harmful compounds that will abrade the paint. 

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