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Investing and Collecting Racing Art and Memorabilia

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Oh my, in todayís fickle economic climate whatís one to do? Should you put your money in bonds, stocks, gold,

Treasury notes, Certificates of Deposit (CDís), or real estate? While some of this offer a level of security and safety, some of them carry risk with no guarantee of a return on your capital investment.


Why not invest in car art, whether it be vintage, classic, or exotics. Maybe your cup of tea is racing art? One of the enjoyable aspects of investing and collecting in any of these being mentioned, is you get to enjoy the beauty and aesthetics. There certainly are benefits in being able to admire your collectible art pieces on a daily basis, while hopefully you can watch your investment grow in value. Like any commodity, art values fluctuate with changes to the market.

Regardless of what type of car art you favor, it is usually advantageous to purchase original paintings signed by the artist, and if you are buying prints or giclees created from an original, it is most likely prudent to purchase  artist signed and numbered pieces, or artist proofs (usually a select few that the artist retains for their own account).

Collecting driver and team signed art are a potential way to see appreciation in your purchase. As you may know, drivers often change to another team, or as unfortunate as it may be, drivers may die, or worse yet be killed in a racing accident. While nobody really wants to see the latter, it is a fact of life. When a driver or artist passes away, sadly most of their collectible art pieces take off upwards in value. A couple of not so long ago examples being the late greats Carroll Shelby (Winning co-driver at 1959 LeMans and known for the Cobra cars) and Phil Hill (The first American Formula One Champion).

 Mario Andrett Autographed Helmet, Frecks Auto Art and Memorabilia

Another route to consider pursuing might be the collecting and investing into car or racing memorabilia. Items like racing suits and racing helmets (driver signed preferred), gloves (autographed preferred), race programs (LeMans, Monaco, and other Grand Prix events, Indianapolis 500),

Formula One Prints, Racing Art, Autographed Collectibles

F1 or Indy car parts like wings, steering wheels tires, etc.

Posters and vintage posters and original paintings are great.

In our opinion it is usually preferable to have items driver or team owner signed for investment purposes.

Freckís Auto Art is a leader in the sales of all types of car art, racing art, and car and racing memorabilia. We have been publishers or distributors of art and memorabilia since 1998. All of our autographed products come with Certificates of Authenticity, and in many cases we have photos of the autograph sessions.

Please check out our website at We have some pictures of some interesting items below.

Happy collecting !     Joe Freck, President-Freckís Auto Art, Inc.









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