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Junk Yard Finds Forgotten

Forgotten Dodge

Just now I was on my Facebook and one of my Facebook friends that I donít really know just uploaded an Album this morning about Forgotten and abandon classic cars. Usually I donít do short blog style articles like this but the first picture below really caught my eye and I figured I had to share them with the world.

Imagine finding a Truck buried on your property. It would be Christmas for me!


It looks like someone just got done ing one day, parked it and left it.


Take your Pick


Hide and Seek?


Mercury Truck waiting to be restored

Looking to build a Rat Rod? (NO! I said the RR Word!)


An old Stude Truck hiding in the grass, waiting to be found


Last Delivery, maybe she will drive again.

The pics were uploaded by the Rowdyrodentz Car Club the Australian Chapter. Iím not sure if there pictures are new online, can be found in Flicker or Photobucket or are on Google. I also do not know where any of the cars in the pictures are. Could be Australia, could be the Mid West US, could be any where. I will say they are really great pictures though, they make we want to go out and find old cars and parts on large properties.

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