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Magna Shift for Your GM........

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Slush-a-matic or Manual-matic?

If you are thinking about upgrading or converting your project to a late model automatic one important thing to consider is control over the shift points. What I am referring to is when it shifts or doesn't shift and how firm do you want that shift to be.

If you are anything like me a total control freak and perfectionist then you will probably not be happy with a stock shifting slush box automatic and could spend months trying to perfect the shifting pattern on a after-market programmable controller.

These very reasons are why for most of my hot rodding years I have preferred manual gearboxes on my street driven cars. In 2009 I bought one of the very last Pontiac muscle cars sold the G8 GXP with the LS3 engine and of course a 6 speed manual. They offered a really cool 6 speed automatic with a manual mode available but I prefer that full control. If I want to down shift at 120mph no problem.

The problem is as we get older we learn to appreciate the conveniences of an automatic.

First thing that drove me to automatics was my knee is not as flexible as it was 20 years ago and working a clutch in stop and go traffic is no easy task on a daily bases, so as always I was looking for a better solution. After reviewing the electronic controlled transmissions most auto makers have been installing for the past 20 years I discovered that they can be controlled entirely by manual mode if you bypass the factory controller and simply actuate the solenoids to select the desired gear.

The second thing I discovered was that no one was making a simple low cost box to do this and at that time the few available (as is today) were expensive because they were designed to be programmed for automatic shifting based on input from multiple sensors and from you.

This lead me to develop a simple low cost MANUAL ONLY box the MagnaShift TCM806. I built it with the features that I was personally looking for, manual gear selection with simple buttons or a paddle shifter and a torque converter control button.

I also discovered that line pressure on the electronic transmissions could be adjusted on the fly as you drive. What this means is no more shift kits required to get a firm shift. With a simple knob you can crank up the pressure when you want to shift firm and lower it when you are daily driving to save wear and tear on the drive-train.

Now here is one of the cool secret s most people don't realize on the GM 4L series transmissions you can lock that torque converter any time you like in 2nd , 3rd and 4th gear, so between locked torque converter and actual gear ratio's its almost like having 7 forward gears.

So the conclusion here is if you have the time to waste on trying to perfect the automated shifting then maybe a fully programmable controller is exactly what you need. But if you want it to shift when and where you want and a simple plug and play box then the full manual controller is the solution. No pushing a clutch pedal but with full control like a manual gearbox.

By: TJ Vaughn Owner of E-Transcontrol home of the Magnashift controller.

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