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Making Horsepower with Pump Gas
Tech article by Bad Attitude Engines

Bad Attitude Engines,Performance Engines

The next issue of RPM Magazine will feature a tech article that I wrote for them about making serious horsepower using 93 octane pump gas.

I've been building a lot of different combinations for street / strip cars and daily drivers over the last few years, and have figured out the best parts and tuning specs to get the most out of unleaded premium fuel.

More and more of my customers want to drive their cars whenever and wherever they want, including to the dragstrip! I thought it was time to share some of the facts and myths of running a high performance engine on pump gas.

Of course I couldn't fit everything that's involved in building one of these engines in the article, but there is plenty of information in there that you can apply to your own project.

I'm also in the beginning stages of building a 489 cubic inch big block Chevy engine with a heavy dose of nitrous that will make 1000 HP on pump gas and be street driven!

This engine will use a factory 4 bolt block and factory oval port heads, nothing exotic, just affordable fun! RPM Magazine will also be covering this build in a series of upcoming issues.

Check us out!

Bad Attitude Engines,Performance Engines

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