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March 2013

Stacey David and Jon Kaase
Gearz film crew descend upon Winder, Georgia
Stacey David, connoisseur of American V8 power and host of Speed Channel’s Gearz program, visited Jon Kaase Racing Engines recently. The film team had arrived in Winder, Georgia to film the assembly and dyno testing of Kaase’s new P-38 cross ram, the firm’s latest innovation for small-block Fords.
Earlier, a 302 Windsor small block with over 100,000 miles of use had been retrieved from a junk yard. Kaase... (more)
Lifting the Shroud Jon Kaase’s canted-valve P-38 Windsor cylinder heads aims for better cylinder filling
Engine philosopher Jon Kaase (Jon Kaase Racing Engines, Winder, Georgia) had an idea, an idea that nagged. For too many years, he’d watched the ubiquitous 302 amass part upon improved part, but observed nary a deviation from the original cylinder head configuration. He thought he could... (more)

Ever wonder what the water pump is doing at 4,500rpm on the older race engine?
Chatham, Virginia: Vintage cars have vintage water pumps. Replacement parts are not available and the bearings and seals used are unreliable. These pumps usually have straight-vane rotors that are inefficient at pumping water and stall at relatively low RPM. A stalled rotor acts like a water brake dynamometer. It consumes a surprising amount of.... (more)
Maserti Tipo
Maserati Tipo 151 returns to Le Mans after absence of 51 years
One of the most interesting Maseratis ever constructed, the sole surviving Tipo 151 (chassis 006).
Entered for this year’s Le Mans Legends event in June and again in mid-September for the Goodwood Revival, its engine and transmission are prepared by Virkler & Bartlett... (more)

Demon annular booster New Mighty Demon 850 annular carburetor for big-blocks and big small-blocks
Dahlonega GA: Few carburetors were courted as much as the Race Demons in the late nineties and in the early part of this century. They had the appearance and heritage and, to some, bewildering technology. But above all else they had performance. Now a new 850 annular has appeared and it represents a significant step forward.... (more)
goggle valve Street Demon awarded patent on Goggle Valve
Earlier this month, on March 6, the patent office notified Demon that its application for a patent on the Street Demon’s Goggle valve had succeeded. Patent #D677755
The Goggle valve is a mechanically operated secondary throttle plate with a unique goggle-like profile. Normally a carburetor’s secondary throttle arrangement would....

Rat Rod Meet Uncle Jed: A Robert Killian creation aimed to run 200-plus mph
Canton, GA: Robert Killian’s been building hot rods for most his adult life, and he has always indulged himself in the unorthodox. But when contemplating Uncle Jed he told his chassis builder, “Let’s have one last adventure into the unknown... (more)

Classic Thunder Road

How-to video: Installing a hydraulic bearing pedal adjuster

Compared with factory-style originals, most modern high performance aftermarket clutches require less travel to disengage. As a result, the pedal often sits higher than the enthusiast might desire; in fact, the factory pedal could often benefit from a slightly lower position. (more)
RAM Catalog Ram announces new Muscle Car Catalog

Ram Clutches, a company with over 40 years of innovation and excellence, is making its new catalog, issue #16, available for downloading from the Ram website.
With 22 pages, including 12 pages of car-specific applications, the new catalog features Ram’s Force 9.5 and 10.5 dual-disc clutches, single-disc HDX and Powergrip clutches and associated components such as billet aluminum and steel flywheels and hydraulics: release bearings and clutch pedal adjusters.
(click here to download)

National Dragster
Why Pushrods Fail
National Dragster: Michigan-based Trend Performance is the largest manufacturer and supplier of pushrods in racing and in the performance aftermarket. But in 1988 when Bob Fox founded his pushrod company after working the phones as a tech rep at Diamond Racing, things were different.
Read Why Pushrods Fail in this month's National Dragster (more)

Courtney Force
Courtney takes flight, survives 7.3Gs, accepts top Rookie honors
“I had met U.S. Navy service people at the drag races,” she said, “and somehow they convinced me to take the flight, even though I told them I was terrified.
“When we took off we immediately hit 6.1 G’s vertically. We reached speeds in excess of excess of 700 mph and generated 7.3 G’s, twice the speed... (more)

Valve Cutaway How Kaase created a cylinder head for modern street-strip use
If you were engaged in a conversation with a barmaid and she asked you to illustrate differing valve angles and to explain their relevance in simple terms, you might be challenged.
So here’s how it’s done. In addition we depict the cylinder head’s short-turn radius and describe its merits, identify the deck height and... (more)

Drag Racing online magazine
Forged pistons versus billet: How to choose the right one
By permission of Drag Racing Online magazine: In every class of motor sport, engine power is increasing in impressive leaps. Even small displacement engines now produce horsepower that only ten years ago was considered the realm of highly refined and exotic mills hundreds of cubic inches larger. And sizeable cubic inch power plants regularly... (more)

Chevelle Drag Week
Beerhorst on boosted engines
Last month, engine builder Norm Beerhorst of Ultra Tech Racing Engines, Mishawaka, Indiana, discussed the following:
• The advantage of the pressurized engine
• Heat and its consequences
• Preparing for the HOT ROD Drag Week™
• Testing valve train with a Spintron
In this March issue Norm tackles two further issues (more)

Further News
GM Duramax Piston
Diamond announces new competition diesel piston for GM’s Duramax
Clinton Township, MI: While the truck-pull arena will be the main draw, these new pistons will also prove useful for ambitious Weekend Warriors, engaging in drag racing, off-roading, and towing. But it is in the cut and thrust of truckFacebook pulling where Diamond believes these pistons will excel. < span style="font-family: Arial">(more)
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