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3 X Chemistry

Chemistry; if you think a job well done is worth bragging about, then we see it the same"

Welcome to the Braggin Rights Garage where everyone from weekend DIY’ers to the Pros in the trade learn about the 3X: Chemistry products. If a picture tells a thousand words then our step by step instructional videos will really tell you the story.

Auto restoration, RV’ing, Pool & Spa. These are where 3X lives. We love enthusiasts and people who are passionate about doing work worth bragging about. For the last 30 years our founder worked in the industrial world inside some of the biggest well known factories, waste processing plants, transportation departments…in private and public industry. Our customers kept saying they wished they could find our products commercially. So, that’s the humble story of our beginning. Now these industrial quality formulations are available to you commercially in stores and on line from Certified 3X Brand suppliers only.

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