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Old Air Products...New Product

Old Air Products, POV Valve Update Kit

POV Valve Kit,Old Air Products


Old Air Products re-introduces our Patented POA Valve Update Kit. This kit replaces the original POA Valve and converts the A/C system to a cycling clutch type system as found on later model vehicles. Custom fitting replaces the POA valve with R12 or 134a service ports  and eliminates problems with sticking internal piston. Adjustable cycling switch makes this kit an excellent choice for 134a refrigerant conversions on 1965-76 GM, 1977-79 Ford & Mercury vehicles. (US Patent #5918476)  

For additional Information Contact Old Air Products, 1201 Forum Way South, Fort Worth TX 76140.  Phone (817)-531-2665  FAX (817)531-3257 or e-mail:

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