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Permanent Car Numbers From CHUMPCAR World Series

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Car Number Panels & Door Lights Now Available!
Permanent ChumpCar Numbers Supplies for the 2013 Season

As promised, car number background panels and door lights are now available for sale at and (in Canada). At VRO (USD$), please contact Denise for these items:

Set of 3 Number Panel Backgrounds $45

Single Number Panel Background Only $17.50

Number Panel, Numbers & Two Lights $65

Replacement Panel Light $10

Set of 3 Vinyl Numbers (12" High) $29

CLICK HERE for Panel & Light Installation Guidelines.

Haven't requested your permanent car number yet? Or not sure which region your location falls into or have additional questions? Please refer to the regional map found at under CONTACT US, click here.

West Region

Central Region

East Region

North Region

Numbers are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis based on the date/time stamp of the email request. Occasionally there may be duplicate car number at an event when a team races outside their home region. This shouldn't be a problem most of the time, but if this situation does arise, the local team gets to keep its number and the traveling team will need to cover up one of their digits. There will be no duplicate numbers within a region.

For 2013, there is no fee for reserving your permanent number. For 2014 and beyond, there may be a small annual fee to keep your number, but we'll deal with that next year.

THE FINE PRINT.... Here are the 2013 Rules in more detail....

10.5. Car Numbers: One, two and three digit numbers are allowed.

10.5.1. One- and two-digit numbers are HIGHLY PREFERRED TO ENSURE THAT THEY PROPERLY FIT ON THE NUMBER PANEL - 1 through and including 99. No cars may use "0" or "00" before their one- or two-digit car number.

10.5.2. Numbers must be shown on both doors and the roof. Open cars (convertibles / no roof) must have a car number on the hood.

10.5.3. ALL CARS SHALL USE CHUMPCAR SUPPLIED NUMBER BACKGROUND DECALS Three (3) 14" x 24" backgrounds are required per car One background shall be applied to the roof (or, as required, hood) of each car; numbers on the roof panel must be aimed towards the passenger side of the car. The number panel may be angled up to 30 degrees from center. One background shall be applied to the front driver and passenger door of the car No other number backgrounds are approved or allowed. Number backgrounds can be ordered and are available EXCLUSIVELY from in the US, and from in Canada. ChumpCar will have a limited number of panels available at most events.

10.5.4. ALL CARS SHALL USE BLACK NUMBERS (self-supplied) Numbers shall be 12.0" tall. (That's TWELVE INCHES. Not 11 or 13.) Fonts shall be a minimum of 1.5" wide (brush stroke) and a maximum of 2.5" wide; one- and two-digit numbers can use wider numbers... three-digit numbers will have to use 1.5" thick numbers or they will not fit on the panel. Therefore, ChumpCar PREFERS teams to reserve one- or two-digit numbers. All numbers shall use ARIAL or Helvetica fonts. No exceptions. Stylized fonts are NOT allowed. ChumpCar will NOT supply teams their car numbers at any event.

10.5.5. SPACING OF NUMBERS Teams with regional permanent numbers are advised to leave enough room before or after their number to add a simple "1" (or "11") using black duct or electrical tape in case their number has been taken and they are competing out-of-region. All numbers MUST fit within the standard number background.

10.5.6. NUMBER ILLUMINATION for all night racing events: All cars participating in any event where headlights are required shall have both door number panels illuminated using an approved ChumpCar lighting system. (Two lights required per car.) Instructions for mounting lights is included in the shipping package. ChumpCar lighting systems are available EXCLUSIVELY from in the US, and from in Canada. ChumpCar will have a limited number of lighting systems available at most events.


Other than numbers, no other decals, paint, tape or themed item (of any type) are allowed on the ChumpCar number background decal.

Last, be sure to check out the remaining 2012 race opportunities as well as the newly released 2013 season schedule, click here.

Happy Holidays and here's to a great 2013!

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