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PML Differential Covers, Transmission Pans, and Valve Covers


PML manufactures and sells cast aluminum differential covers, transmission pans, and valve covers. PML parts are high quality with classic design and great customer service.

At PML, we have over 20 years of manufacturing experience. We apply our engineering knowledge to ensure the highest quality. Then we inspect and test our products to ensure form, fit, and function.

PML products are manufactured in the USA using sand cast aluminum. Aluminum provides strength and excellent heat transfer to keep engines cooler. Sand casting allows us to manufacture parts in one piece and with complex shapes and features.

PML stands behind what we make.

PML Differential Covers, Transmission Pans, and Valve Covers

Here at PML we make sand-cast aluminum differential covers, transmission pans, and valve covers. This is our website so you can learn about our products and find what you need for your car, truck, or SUV. Pictures, specifications, and on-line shopping available.

Picture of the Week: Straight fin designs for Ford and GM differentials from PML. Parts in production and will be available soon. The PML cover shown here is a Dana 50, 60 front end cover on a 1994 F-350. It holds half a quart over stock to keep your Ford truck running smooth.

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PML rear end covers, straight fin design

PML is celebrating our 25th year in business!

This website belongs to PML, the manufacturer, of PML covers and pans. We answer phone calls (800-335-4345), return voice mail messages and respond to emails ( Contact us with any questions, comments or suggestions. We take orders over the phone as well as via email using PayPal for international customers.

Get a PML Pan or Cover Because ...

  • Quality construction — sand cast aluminum
  • PML differential covers, transmission pans and valve covers are designed and manufactured in the US
  • PML offers a variety of finishes: as-cast, powder coated with shaved fins, polished
  • PML pans and covers do not feature our company name or logo - just solid design
  • PML sells all pans and covers with the hardware needed for installation (bolts, washers, drain plug) -- this is a $10 to $25 dollar value and you do not need to run to the hardware store when you're in the middle of working on your vehicle
  • PML has a large selection — PML has pans and covers for everything from your classic Corvette to your workhorse Dodge Ram 2500
  • Easy purchasing options: buy on-line, over the phone or from a dealer
  • Lifetime manufacturer's warranty

PML Differential Cover and Transmission Pan Features

  • Additional oil capacity and raised fins for cooling the transmission or differential
  • Sand cast aluminum to increase the torsional strength of the transmission case or differential housing and dissipate heat
  • Magnetic drain plugs to make oil changes easier, less messy
  • Thick, machined gasket flanges on PML covers and pans provide a flat gasket surface for a uniform clamping force on the gasket surface - this ensures a secure seal superior to stock parts which are usually stamped steel

Valve Cover Features

  • Classic styles on our valve covers give a great look under the hood
  • CADILLAC®, CORVETTE®, or CHEVROLET® script available (PML has a license from General Motors to manufacture and sell these parts with GM trademarks)
  • Valve covers just tall enough for roller rockers

PML covers and pans add value and protect your vehicle. Check out our differential covers, transmission pans, valve covers, and accessories and let us know what you think.

Keep it Cool! Keep it Clean! Keep it Alive!

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